Messages from Ambassadors

Sunchi Kaho Frenky
Leung Sun Chi, Team Leader:

“Every day we are appreciated by the public because of our work. Being recognized makes me feel my job is meaningful. Although we don’t have high qualification as doctors and nurses to save poor children and women in developing countries, I wish our passion and sweat can impress the Hong Kong people to support UNICEF’s work by donation and action.”

Liu Ka Ho, Team Leader:

“Smiling faces of the underprivileged children and Hong Kong citizens bring us so much energy to work better despite the fact that some people will always be annoyed by being asked for money.”


Frenky Chin, Team Leader:

Time flies. I have been UNICEF’s Face-to-face Ambassador for more than four years. Although the work is tough, I still insist on working on this as I believe the funds raised can reach more children in developing countries and bring children all over the world a happy childhood.

In addition, I would like to thanks all of you who have spared time to listen and made donations. Every warm smile you give and every word you utter have motivated me enormously.

I will do my best!”
billy.jpg man.jpg Hokan
Billy Kung, Team Leader:

“The motivation for me to work is - our toil and sweat can barter for children’s smile and hopes around the world. I believe our work can be recognized by the public and more people can support UNICEF. “ZERO Suffering” of children can become true! I believe in zero!”
Ryan Lee, Team Leader:

“As a fundraising ambassador, we invite people to support UNICEF on street every day, even under inclement weather conditions. Although the job is tough, it strengthens our mind. Moreover, the support and encouragement we received from the public as well as the great meaning behind the donation – saving numerous children’s lives encourage us to continue the job."
Kung Ho Kan, Team Leader:

"Since I have joined UNICEF, I have found that millions of children are at great risk of death and need our helping hands. Although our job is tough, I still pursue my mission to help children in need. In the future, I hope more people can join us and provide assistance to the children who suffer."