UNICEF Club was introduced in 2007 to strengthen the relations between UNICEF HK and secondary schools. Students are encouraged to care about world children as global citizens. All secondary schools are welcomed to join and partner with UNICEF HK to advocate children’s rights!

UNICEF Club provides entry-free and student-led platform, in which student leaders are empowered to play a vital role in promoting global citizenship. UNICEF Club will be well-supported to initiate creative school activities so as to foster participation of fellow schoolmates to join the forces. Through firsthand experiences, student leaders can build their competence all-roundly for personal development. Below is the club schedule for the school year 2014/15 for your kind perusal.

Role of UNICEF Club
1. Organising self-initiated school activities
2. Joining UNICEF HK's trainings and education programmes
3. Volunteering for UNICEF HK's events

Timetable for UNICEF Club (School Year 2014/15)
Month Activities
July-September Register UNICEF Club
October Join orientation and training
October-June Organise school activities
November Support school campaign to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
November 23 Be a volunteer of UNICEF Charity Run
February (following year) Organise Red Packet Charity Sales
July (following year) Prepare annual report and club handover
August (following year) Join certificate presentation ceremony
Remark: UNICEF HK organises education programmes for club

Welcome all secondary schools to join UNICEF Club!