UNICEF Club provides entry-free and student-led platform, in which student leaders are empowered to play a vital role in promoting global citizenship. UNICEF Club will be well-supported to initiate creative school activities so as to foster participation of fellow schoolmates to join the forces. Through firsthand experiences, student leaders can build their competence all-roundly for personal development. Below is the club schedule for the school year 2014/15 for your kind perusal.

Role of UNICEF Club
1. Organising self-initiated school activities
2. Joining UNICEF HK's trainings and education programmes
3. Volunteering for UNICEF HK's events

Timetable for UNICEF Club (School Year 2014/15)
Month Activities
July-September Register UNICEF Club
October Join orientation and training
October-June Organise school activities
November Support school campaign to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
November 23 Be a volunteer of UNICEF Charity Run
February (following year) Organise Red Packet Charity Sales
July (following year) Prepare annual report and club handover
August (following year) Join certificate presentation ceremony
Remark: UNICEF HK organises education programmes for club

Welcome all secondary schools to join UNICEF Club!