China Children’s Week

The China Children’s Week (CCW) has been launched since 1993. From 1993 to 1995, we organised fundraising campaigns of “Polio Eradication in China” and raised more than HK$27 million for the purchase of polio vaccines to immunise the infants in China. No new polio cases has been reported since 1995. In 1996, CCW was organised to raise funds for “Elimination Project of Neonatal Tetanus in China”. The result was encouraging with more than HK$6 million raised.

Economic reforms in China have lifted an estimated 200 million people above the poverty line, but millions more remain below the World Bank-defined level of poverty of one US dollar per day.

Thereafter, UNICEF co-operated with the Chinese government to launch the “Social Development Programme for Poor Areas in China” (SPPA), followed by another micro-credit programme named “Local Planning and Action for Children Programme” (LPAC) in 2001 and “Local Actions for Rural Children” (LARC) in 2008.This year, funds raised by CCW will support “Cash Transfers for Deprived Children” Project.

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