UNICEF is active in 190 countries and territories – more than any other children’s organization. Whether we’re partnering with governments, local groups, other UN agencies or other children’s organizations, we bring unequalled experience and expertise in saving and improving children’s lives.

Our vast network means we can take successful approaches from one place and adapt them to meet challenges elsewhere, helping drive results for children at a global scale.

⇣ Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Economic and demographic trends are positive for much of the region. Ideally, they will help open the way to improving services and support for children, and to protecting their rights.


⇣ East Asia and the Pacific

Child protection is among our highest priorities in the region. When they are given the best start in life, children grow up to be healthy and well-adjusted, both intellectually and socially.


⇣ Eastern and Southern Africa

The challenges facing the region are as varied as its history. Building on the strengths of their culture and tradition, we work with communities to advance the rights of every child.


⇣ Industrialized countries

National Committees for UNICEF advocate, educate and raise money for the critical actions that improve children's lives.

In 34 countries, they work with us to give a voice to children and their concerns.


⇣ Latin America and Caribbean


⇣ Middle East and North Africa

Our programmes touch many facets of the lives of children and women in the region. We advocate for the help advance their rights to health, education, equality and protection.


⇣ South Asia

We draw on the strong, local traditions of social participation in this diverse region to design and carry out programmes that help communities nurture their children and allow them to flourish.


⇣ West and Central Africa

Child survival is among our primary concerns in the region. By fostering respect for the rights of children, whether in peace or in war, we help ensure that they live and prosper.