UNICEF HK actively supports teachers in developing curricula and educational activities about global child issues and child rights education, and encourages students to take actions in response to the needs of children around the world. In school year 2015/16, UNICEF HK invites Maryknoll Secondary School to co-develop a one-year pilot school partnership scheme which consists of 5 learning stages for OLE curriculum of Secondary Four students.

UNICEF HK School Partnership Scheme

The scheme aims at broadening students’ horizons, strengthening students’ conceptual understanding of global/local child issues and child rights, facilitating students’ self-awareness building and encouraging them to care the others through actions in order to cultivate a dynamic environment in which ‘rights’, ‘respect’ and ‘responsibilities’ are explicitly integrated and practiced.



Content and learning activity

Through school talk,  lesson and school action, student can learn about:






Annual flow of School Partnership Scheme

April to July 2016:  Interested school appoints one teacher to reach UNICEF HK

May to August 2016: Staff of UNICEF HK reaches teacher at school for further discussion

School Year 2016/2017: Co-develop school partnership scheme (learning activities and continuous assessment)

June to August 2017: Concluding and sharing experience


Alvin Ng, Education Officer (Training and Curriculum Development)
Tel: 2836 2929 / 2338 5151
Email: edu@unicef.org.hk

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