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‘Voices of Youth’, a UNICEF international initiative, will be launched in Hong Kong in Sept to speak for children 57 Young Envoys Head toward Nepal with Love for the People and the Community


HONG KONG (6 June 2010) The Appointment Ceremony of UNICEF Young Envoys Programme 2010 'cum' Kick-off Ceremony of the online radio programme, Voices of Youth, was held in Wei Hing Theatre, City University of Hong Kong, today.

Mr Arthur HO Kin-wah, Deputy Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs and Mr. Gilbert Mo, Chairman of Advocacy and Public Relations Committee of Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (HKCU) alongside with other guests pushed forward the button on a mixerfrom the studio to kick off ‘Voices of Youth”, symbolising our ‘Voices of Youth’ radio hosts’ get-go to spread the voices of Hong Kong’s children and youngsters to every corner of our society. This is an important milestone for truly listening to children’s voices and realising children’s right to participation in Hong Kong.
Mr. Gilbert Mo, Chairman of Advocacy and Public Relations Committee of HKCU said, “UNICEF has been dedicated to making a better world for children worldwide and ensuring the development that all children deserve. We hope that through the online radio station ‘Voices of Youth’, we will not only be able to provide a platform for children to speak out, but, at the same time, pass positive messages and give suggestions and support to the younger generation of Hong Kong.”
UNICEF works tirelessly to advocate child rights and create a world fit for children. ‘Voices of Youth’, a UNICEF international initiative,has been established for a long time in New York, Portland, Nepal, and Brazil etc. In the ceremony, HKCU has taken a step forward this year and announced the plan to create, with efforts in full swing, Hong Kong’s very own ‘Voices of Youth’ – an online radio programme which allows children to speak out and to be heard. The ‘Voices of Youth’ in Hong Kong is established after a year of collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), and is fully supported by Commercial Radio 2.
Sixteen hosts have started a series of training in May to equip themselves with proper skills for accomplishing the task of speaking for children. Our professionally trained children will be responsible for duties from conducting researches and analyses, presentation skills for radio hosts to radio programme production. As the slogan says, To Explore, To Speak Out, To Take Action, we will listen and respect the voices of the youth and infuse them into all levels of society.
In addition, after receiving the certificates of appointment from our guests, 57 youngster swill be officially appointed as UNICEF Young Envoys who are committed to shoulder the responsibilities of caring for the world and society, and promoting child’s rights. The Young Envoys will visit Nepal during the summer holiday to learn more about UNICEF’s work there and experience in person the plight of people in developing countries and ing their best wishes and love to the local children.
UNICEF Young Envoys Programme was first launched in 1996. Over the past 15 years, we have nurtured over 700 remarkable Young Envoys. Visits have been made to UNICEF field offices in Indonesia, Ache, the Philippines, Cambodia, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai and Shanxi, etc.