Change for Good raised HK$11.7 million in 2017 to support UNICEF global programme for children in need

© UNICEF HK/2018 Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Mr Rupert Hogg (2nd Right) and Director Customer Mr Simon Large (2nd Left) present the 2017 Change for Good donation to UNICEF HK Chairman Ms Judy Chen (Centre).   Hong Kong, 4 December 2018 – The Cathay Pacific Group and the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) […]

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Over 13,000 people run for every child at UNICEF Charity Run to raise HK$12 million

©UNICEF HK/2018 HONG KONG, 25 November 2018 – The 13th UNICEF Charity Run, organized by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK), successfully concluded today. HK$12 million is expected to be raised from more than 13,000 runners in support of UNICEF’s global programme against AIDS, which aims to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV, close […]

On 13 March 2018 in southern Afghanistan, a boy has been vaccinated by Afia's team. Afia [NAME CHANGED], 19 (not pictured), is one of 70,000 committed polio workers in Afghanistan. She works with one of the largest female workforces in Afghanistan: a national team, supported by both UNICEF and the World Health Organization, fighting polio. Afia's job is to educate families about polio and to encourage vaccination. Female polio workers are critical because only women are allowed to access a family's home to check that every infant child has been vaccinated. Afia says that if she wasn't eradicating polio, her parents would force her to give up her education and get married. "I am not just saving children's lives - I am saving mine," she says. While most women are confined to their homes, Afia travels fearlessly throughout her community because she believes that no child should be paralyzed by polio.

In 2018, southern Afghanistan has the highest number of polio cases in the world. Afghanistan is just one of three countries - including Nigeria and Pakistan - that still carries the polio virus. Inaccessible areas and distrust hamper eradication efforts.  In March 2018, polio workers vaccinated 9.9 million children across Afghanistan. During the polio vaccination campaign, over 8.9 million children were also given Vitamin A to help maintain a strong immune system and reduce incidences of diarrhoea and measles. Vitamin A supplements can improve a child's chance of survival by 12 to 24 per cent in Afghanistan.

Millie Bobby Brown named UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador

© UNICEF/UN0202777/Hibbert Stranger Things star appointed on World Children’s Day, when children around the world unite for their rights and ‘take-over’ key roles in government, entertainment and business NEW YORK/HONG KONG, 20 November 2018 – Emmy-nominated actress Millie Bobby Brown has been announced as UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador. The appointment – marked on World Children’s […]

For 2 days Lisa, her mother and sister on the grass under the sky. "It was so cold at night, Lisa kept crying”

On 11 October 2018, UNICEF launched a combined emergency and recovery appeal to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children in the aftermath of the Sulawesi and Lombok disasters over a period of 6 months. The funds will help provide water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), health, nutrition, education and child protection services for an estimated 475,000 children, as part of the response led by the Government of Indonesia. 

It is estimated that 1.5 million people have been affected by a tsunami triggered by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sulawesi on 28 September. As of 9 October, 2,010 people are confirmed dead, 10,700 people seriously injured and 671 people still missing. In Lombok, following a series of destructive earthquakes in August, more than 340,000 people are still displaced and living in 2,800 camps. UNICEF is seeking US$26.6 million to support 1.4 million people access services for WASH, child protection, education, health, and infant nutrition in Central Sulawesi and Lombok.

Around 83,000 people are displaced in Central Sulawesi and some 500,000 people urgently need access to water and sanitation services. Prior to this disaster, Palu, the main urban centre had a low immunization coverage at 49 per cent, and a wasting and stunting prevalence of 12.5 and 36.1 per cent respectively. Central Sulawesi also has one of the lowest rates of sanitation in Indonesia.

These vulnerabilities exacerbate the risk of disease outbreaks for thousands of children. Many of the 2,700 schools in the region could also be affected and the education of 270,000 children could therefore be in jeopardy.

As part of its emergency response, UNICEF and partners will be providing water and sanitation services for displaced populations, complemented by hygiene promotion; UNICEF will also help with the resumption of health and nutrition services and will be

Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami: Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami: One month on from the disaster, thousands of children still homeless, out-of-school and in need of humanitarian support.

© UNICEF/UN0250103/Veska PALU, Indonesia, 26 October 2018 – Almost one month after a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Palu and the surrounding areas of the northwestern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia, an estimated 375,000 children remain in need of lifesaving supplies and services. Over 2,000 people were killed by the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent landslides and […]

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UNICEF HK unveils “The Illumination of Love and Philanthropy” a charity art exhibition, inspiring unconditional love for every child

Hong Kong, 19 October 2018 – Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) proudly presents The Illumination of Love and Philanthropy, a charity art exhibition that will inspire the public on the value of unconditional love for our next generation, our children. This is a celebration on the contributions of philanthropists and celebrities, a showcase of their […]

UNICEF continues its humanitarian works for the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami

© UNICEF/UN0245810/Wilander According to Indonesia’s national disaster agency, the death toll from the double disaster in Central Sulawesi has risen to 2,045, as of 10 October, with most of the fatalities in Palu. It is estimated that 1.5 million people have been affected. A team of UNICEF staff are on-site in affected areas, supporting the […]


UNICEF HK welcomes family-friendly initiatives outlined by the Policy Address

HONG KONG, 10 October 2018 – The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) welcomes the family friendly initiatives announced by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR Government, Mrs. Carrie Lam, in her Policy Address today, including: Proposing to extend the statutory maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks. Stepping up measures to […]


© UNICEF/UN0239947/Tirto.id/@Arimacswilander In the aftermath of the deadly disaster, UNICEF is working with the local authorities in Indonesia to carry out humanitarian works as follows: The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) is calling on Hong Kong people to support our relief work to help the affected children and their families in Sulawesi. Ms […]