Syria Crisis

© UNICEF/UN055727/Al Shami

After six years of conflict, Syrians are facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with grave protection and human rights violations occurring daily.

Children, purely the innocent bystanders, have paid the heaviest price in the conflict, and in 2016 their suffering hit rock bottom in a drastic escalation of violence. Nearly 6 million children now depend on humanitarian assistance, with almost half forced to flee their homes. These children are desperately vulnerable and in need of water, medicine and shelter. Many of them have witnessed their siblings and parents being hurt and injured, and end up  withdrawn and quiet after seeing such horrors. They desperately need psychological support along with clean water, medicine and food.

Tens of thousands of precious children are fleeing to the neighbouring countries including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Many more Syrian families have risked everything to find safety outside the region.

UNICEF is on the ground. We are committed to delivering essential services for Syrian families and keeping Syrian children from becoming a ‘lost generation’. Critical efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the crisis on children – including in the life-saving areas of health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as education and child protection.

UNICEF is also working in neighbouring countries to support Syrian refugee families and the host communities in which they have settled.

We are rushing to vaccinate children against life-threatening diseases, as well as to provide clean water and education. We are also there to care for children who have experienced trauma. But there is so much more to be done and we can only do it with your help.

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