UNICEF: On World Water Day 2012, poor rural people missing out Women and girls hardest hit by the lack of safe drinking water and improved sanitation

NEW YORK/ HONG KONG, 22 March 2012 – As the world commemorates World Water Day, UNICEF called on governments to pay particular attention to those living in rural areas who are being left behind in their countries’ progress, especially with regard to access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. It also highlighted other consequences […]


Join the ‘Believe in Zero’ Cycling Safety Event

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Road traffic injuries account for 1.3 million deaths every year and affect another 20-50 million victims – the leading cause of death worldwide among people aged 15-29. Children and teenagers cycling on the road with other large vehicles can be particularly risky as they are small and often without protective gears. To support the ‘Decade […]