Dream for children, Act for children 51 newly appointed “Young Envoys” pledge to advance child right to participation after their return from Gansu and Viet Nam field visits

HONG KONG, 27 May 2012 — 51 Hong Kong secondary students have been dreaming and taking actions for realising child rights. Over the past six months, they have taken the initiative to organise school fundraising and advocacy events on different global child-related crisis and issues, such as child trafficking worldwide, the nutrition crisis in the […]

UNICEF outraged by child massacre in Syria

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NEW YORK/ HONG KONG, 26 MAY 2012 – UNICEF is outraged at the latest killing of 32 children – under the age of 10 – confirmed by United Nations observers, and the wounding of hundreds more in the village of Houla, near Homs. They were among more than 90 killed. “This outrageous crime against such […]

Polio eradication shifts into emergency mode New cases at lowest levels ever, but funding gap threatens progress

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND/ HONG KONG, 24 May 2012 – Despite the dramatic drop in polio cases in the last year, the threat of continued transmission due to funding and immunization gaps has driven the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to launch an Emergency Action Plan. The plan aims to boost vaccination coverage in Nigeria, Pakistan and […]

Drowning in numbers

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FLORENCE/ GENEVA/ BANGKOK/ DELHI/ HONG KONG, 23 May 2012 – A new report states that although drowning is a leading killer of children across parts of Asia, highly effective and cost-efficient programs to reduce such drowning deaths are not being sufficiently embraced. Child Drowning: Evidence for a newly recognized cause of child mortality in low […]

FCB and UNICEF strengthen their partnership for children in four countries Brazil, China, Ghana and South Africa are benefiting through sport and education programmes

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BARCELONA/ HONG KONG, 10 May 2012 – In an event at the stadium of the legendary football team, Barcelona FC, the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF today powered up their promise to improve the lives of millions of children through sport and education. Anthony Lake, the Executive Director of UNICEF, Ramon Pont, Vice President of […]


Primary and secondary students learnt from Wong Kam-po to be safe cyclists in real settings 500 citizens pledged to believe in “Zero Cycling Accidents” and “Zero Child Sufferings”

HONG KONG, 1 May 2012 — The number of cycling accidents in Hong Kong climbs every year. In 2010, near 40 per cent of the cyclist casualties were aged 10 to 24, reflecting children and teenagers are more likely to be injured in the accidents and there is an urgent need to promote cycling safety. […]