Working to survive: Yasmeen’s story

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By Soha Boustani LEBANON/HONG KONG, 12 June 2015 – Entering the Ghazieh collective shelter in south Lebanon, I was struck by the conditions: women, men, the elderly, children, babies were all packed into small rooms rented for US$300 a month. They live in horrendous conditions – with no access to cooking facilities or decent sanitation. […]

In Nepal, a safe haven for homeless mothers and newborns

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By Mariana Palavra After two earthquakes struck Nepal just weeks apart, leaving thousands homeless and health clinics in ruins, UNICEF is helping provide young mothers like Preeti Thami urgently needed shelter and medical attention. CHARIKOT, Nepal/ HONG KONG, 10 June 2015 – On 25 April, Preeti Thami left her 8-month-old baby girl sleeping alone at […]

In Iraq, getting water to go uphill

By Lindsay Mackenzie To reach a group of Iraqi families sheltering on an isolated plateau with no water supply, the UNICEF team takes a creative approach to water delivery. QASHAFAR, Iraq/ HONG KONG, 9 June 2015 – On a high plateau near the city of Dohuk, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation […]

In Iraq, water brings relief

By Chris Niles For a grandmother and her family displaced in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, new water and sanitation facilities have helped improve everyday life. ERBIL, Iraq/ HONG KONG, June 2015 – “It’s a very difficult situation,” says Hadija, sitting outside her tent with her three grandchildren. © UNICEF Iraq/2015/Anmar Hadija sits with her […]