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UNICEF HK launches「童你抗疫」衞生行動 ‘for every child, hygiene’ Helping 10,000 subdivided households to raise awareness on hygiene; Mr Martin Lee donates 1 million child face masks to help fight the epidemic

© UNICEF HK/2020 UNICEF HK launches ‘for every child, hygiene’, providing disinfection service by spraying self-sanitizing coating, delivering hygiene bags and disseminating educational resources on personal and household hygiene to 10,000 grassroots families living in subdivided flats. For more information, please contact: Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF

Guo Jing-jing and Sarah Lee Gear Up for UNICEF Charity Run

© UNICEF HK/2017 Since the launch of the UNICEF Charity Run in 2006, we have engaged over 110,000 runners from different sectors and raised over HK$110 million. This year, up to 14,000 runners will join forces in support of UNICEF’s work for every child. All proceeds will go to support UNICEF’s work for the most […]

Leading KOLs come together to support UNICEF Charity Run

© UNICEF HK/2017 Hong Kong, 14 September 2017 – Renowned key opinion leaders (KOLs), representing different sectors in the community, gathered today to call for public participation in the 12th UNICEF Charity Run (Charity Run). For Mr Wong Kam-po, the run offers another layer of meaning. “It not only provides a recreational opportunity for children but also helps […]

(Chinese version only) UNICEF HK Ambassador Guo Jing-jing supports breastfeeding mothers

© UNICEF HK/2014 (Chinese version only) 香港,2017年3月15日──近日社會上再有就「餵人奶?餵奶粉」作出討論,身為聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)大使郭晶晶表態支持母乳媽媽,並希望各界為父母提供正確資訊及社會支援,令爸爸媽媽可為BB作出最佳的餵養選擇,給他們健康的好開始。 晶晶直言,在香港做母乳媽媽一點也不易,奶粉廣告多不勝數,部分更有不實宣稱,誤導父母,更令大眾曲解母乳餵哺,減少對母乳媽媽的支援。她說:「當年我生完BB,身邊的朋友都問我會用哪種奶粉餵孩子,很多朋友受奶粉廣告影響下,以為奶粉與母乳一樣好,甚至更好!所以我想即使有些母親希望餵母乳,還是會給身邊的人問東問西,得不到理解。我知道UNICEF HK推岀了『Say Yes to Breastfeeding母乳育嬰齊和應』運動,讓母乳媽媽得到更多社區支援,但我認為確保市場上的嬰幼兒餵養資訊真確,也一樣重要。當媽媽、身邊的親友以至社會都對母乳餵哺有正確的理解,就會有更多人支持母乳餵哺,也會鼓勵更多媽媽開始及持續接受餵母乳。」 晶晶又指,自己不僅是母乳媽媽,也是吃母乳長大的,深知母乳能為嬰兒提供最佳營養及保護孩子的健康: 「母乳中有很多抗體,是奶粉不能取代的。我和我兒子的身體很健康,而我也希望更多香港寶寶的生命也能有健康的好開始。」 晶晶曾於2014年曾率領近30位母乳媽媽及寶寶向食物及衞生局局長高永文醫生遞交聯署意見書,就港府推行規管配方奶不良銷售手法的《香港配方奶及相關產品和嬰幼兒食品的銷售守則》表達訴求。 – 完 –  


UNICEF ambassadors have a wide range of talents and achievements, and they all share a commitment to improving the lives of children worldwide. Our ambassadors are in a position to focus the world’s eyes on the needs of children, both in their own countries and by visiting field projects and emergency programmes abroad. They make […]

On the eve of World AIDS Day, Chief Executive of HKSAR, corporate leaders and over 13,000 runners celebrated the 10th anniversary of UNICEF Charity Run, appealing for support to UNICEF’s work towards ‘AIDS to ZERO’

HONG KONG, 29 November 2015 — The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) organized the 10th UNICEF Charity Run on the Sunday before 1 December World AIDS Day at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Honourable Leung Chun-ying, over 40 corporate leaders, Ms Miriam Yeung, […]

UNICEF HK Ambassador Guo Jing-jing submits about 3,000 petition signatures to Dr Ko Wing-man, urging for full implementation of the Hong Kong Code

HONG KONG, 15 July 2014 —Two breastfeeding mothers, Ms Judy Chen, Chairman of the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK), and Ms Guo Jing-jing, UNICEF HK Ambassador, represented Baby Friendly Action to submit about 3,000 petition signatures collected from organizations and the public to Dr Ko Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health today. Together […]