Mr Trey Lee
Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Ambassador since 2012


  • promoted maternal and child health in rural communities of Qinghai and had a musical exchange with migrant children in Beijing  More
  • shared his visit to Qinghai in TVB programme The Green Room
  • visited Qinghai to learn about UNICEF’s work on maternal and child health care ►More
  • promoted Global Handwashing Day
  • Recorded promotional voices over for youth radio initiative Voices of Youth
  • launched Musicus Inspires!, a musical education programme and nutured 200 young musical talents, spread inspiring messages to 5,000 students in Hong KongMore


  • The Ambassador Appointment was name one of the "Top 10 Music Headlines" by music professionals and worldwide listerners of RTHK promoted child rights through classical music to special school studentsMore
  • jointly performed the song I Believe, composed and lyricised by UNICEF Young EnvoysMore
  • gave away his latest limited edition album to UNICEF HK social media supporters
  • interviewed by Voices of Youth radio hosts




Trey Lee: Support 15 October Global Handwashing Day
Ambassador Trey Lee shared his music life
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