Eligibility of Applicants

  1. The applicant should be an Organization established for purposes which are exclusively charitable and non-profit making, being:
    1. established under the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151); or
    2. incorporated under the Companies Registry (Cap 32); or
    3. established by the Hong Kong legislature; or
    4. registered on the list of approved charitable institutions or trusts of a public character, being exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.
  2. The applicant must be the organizer of the respective project.
  3. Application from a working-group or subgroup of an organization (i.e. application jointly submitted by different units of an organization or by an unit of an organization) or joint application (i.e. application submitted by two or more organizations) is welcome, provided that all participating units or organizations fall within the existing requirements for organization established for purposes which are exclusively charitable and non-profit making.

 Funding Support and Payment

  1. The maximum amount of funding support for each project is subject to HK$500,000 per year. Applicants can apply for a funding support for a maximum period of 2 years. Strong justifications must be provided to support the continued funding.
  2. Any application request which exceeds the funding amount of HK$500,000 per year (max. 2 years of funding) WILL NOT be considered.
  3. The proposed commencement date of each project should be within six months from the date of fund approval.
  4. The applicant should abide by the following rules on the use of the funding:
    1. Administration cost of the project should represent a reasonable percentage of the total funding. Administration cost includes but not limited to cost of leasing equipment for implementing the activity, venue rental cost directly incurred for hosting the activity, service fee for implementing the project, travelling expenditure arise directly from the event, expenditure on food and drinks for volunteers & workers, etc.
    2. Costs for maintaining the Organization’s own operation and administration will not be funded (including but not limited to cost for setting up or refurbishing an administration office of the Organization, decoration cost, utility charges, entertainment expenses incurred by administrative staff or the Organization, general administrative expenses, i.e. legal costs and insurance fee, cost of procuring durable assets, i.e. equipment and furniture for implementing the project, etc.)
  5. For projects which a one-year funding is approved, payment will be made in two instalments to successful applicants. An advance payment of 50% of the approved funding will be granted to successful applicants for launching the project upon the signing of the Grant Agreement with UNICEF HK. The final payment will be made upon the submission of the final report and financial report supported with original or certified true copies of invoices/receipts.
  6. For projects which a two-year funding is approved, payment will be made in four instalments to successful applicants. An advance payment of 25% of the approved funding will be granted to successful applicants for launching the project upon the signing of the Grant Agreement with UNICEF HK. The subsequent payment will be made upon satisfactory fulfilment of the milestones of the projects.  The final payment will be made upon the submission of the final report and financial report supported with original or certified true copies of invoices/receipts.
  7. If the amount of actual expenditure is less than the approved funding, reimbursement will be made up to the amount of actual expenditure.
  8. Payment to the successful applicants will be made in cheque payable or a bank transfer in the name of the applicant.
  9. If the applicant intends to accept sponsorship from any Organization other than the Project for the same period, prior approval must be sought from UNICEF HK in writing. If UNICEF HK considers it inappropriate for the Project to co-sponsor an activity with that Organization, it may withdraw its own funding support and demand repayment of any advances already made if the applicant decides to accept sponsorship from the other Organization.

Application Procedures

  1. The annual application deadline is 28 June 2019.
  2. Application should be made by filling out the ‘Unite for Children. Unite for Hong Kong.’ Child Rights Advocacy Project application form which can be downloaded from UNICEF HK’s website unicef.org.hk/uniteforhk.
  3. Applicants should deliver the following documents to Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, 7/F, SUP Tower, 75-83 King’s Road, Hong Kong by post or in person during office hours (Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.). Applicants may also send the following documents via email [email protected].
    1. An original completed and signed application form (please convert the file in PDF format with authorized signature and official chop if sent by email)
    2. A copy of the Organization’s registration document
    3. Copies of supporting documents to prove eligibility and provide track records, i.e. annual report, latest audited financial statement, etc.
  1. Upon receipt of the application, an acknowledgement will be sent to the project leader by email.
  2. UNICEF HK will notify applicants of the final result of the application by 1 December of the year.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment of the applications is based on the following criteria:

i) Project design

The project must be conceptually sound and have clear objectives and deliverables.  In addition, the project should be comprehensive in its design, feasible, able to bring about change to the realization of child rights.  New project idea and creative concept are highly encouraged.

ii) Legal registration of the applicant

The applicant must be a legal entity that is registered with professional government bodies in Hong Kong, managed by professional managers/experts, and operates with a mandate to protect children’s rights in Hong Kong.

iii) Background of the applicant

The applicant should demonstrate a good track record on its work, if possible. References from previous sponsors, government Organizations, NGOs or any reputable Organizations to demonstrate the applicant’s successful implementation of similar work are highly recommended.  Newly set up entity can also be considered if the proposed project demonstrates unique and innovative elements to benefit children.

iv) Ability to deliver the project as planned

Experts assigned to handle the project must be qualified to manage the work and possess relevant experience to the required tasks.  The project should include a practical timeline and achievable deliverables.

v) Publicity and promotion

The proposal includes a publicity plan which can promote child rights, enhance the brand image and awareness of UNICEF. Besides conventional offline promotion such as print/TV advertising, posters, leaflets, etc., online publicity through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and website can be leveraged.

vi) Cost effectiveness

The project must be cost effective and include a prudent budget. It relates to the end products to be developed, the number of beneficiaries and the scope of activities proposed.

vii) Impact and sustainability

Social, community and advocacy impact will be assessed.  The impact of the project is expected to sustain and demonstrates to be benefiting children to realize their rights on a long-term basis.


The application is expected to outline project deliverables and may take reference, but not limited, to the following.

Areas of deliverables KPIs
Advocacy-related •         No. of action taken by applicant (or with stakeholders) that support the project’s advocacy goals

•         No. of stakeholders benefitting from the project’s capacity building activities

•         No. of stakeholders engaged by the applicant to influence government actions/ community practices that support the project’s advocacy goals

•         No. of influencers that are echoing the project’s messaging

•         No. or type of reports/guidelines/publications developed under the project

Community Education/ Outreach, if applicable •         No. of beneficiaries

•         No. or type of educational materials/resources developed

Service-related, if applicable •         No. of beneficiaries
Promotion/ Publicity-related •         No. of reach, e.g. website visitors, social media followers

•         No. of engagement, e.g. no. of like/share/comment/new supporters or followers

•         No. of impression, e.g. online or offline traffic/circulation

Assessment Process

  1. Assessment will be conducted upon the submission of the proposals by the application deadline of 28 June 2019. Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered an application of the year after.
  2. The application will be vetted by an assessment panel.
  3. For projects which do not succeed in applying for the funding support but serve certain sectors of underprivileged children to whom UNICEF HK would like to reach out, UNICEF HK may refer them to Innovation Lab for consideration of further collaboration opportunities. (Innovation Lab is a platform established by UNICEF HK to promote the well-being of children through leveraging UNICEF nurtured youth volunteers in identifying problems and proposing innovative solutions in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to spread the voices of and deliver results for children. For further information, please contact us at [email protected].)

To avoid conflict of interests, all members involved in the assessment process need to comply with the Guidelines on declaration of interests and related conduct drawn up under the advice of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Projects Not to be Considered

  1. The Project contains a fund-raising, profit-making, commercial, religious or political nature.
  2. The Project is carried out outside the Hong Kong territory.
  3. The Project provides monetary reward to participants and beneficiaries.
  4. The Project is more appropriate to seek for funding from other eligible sources.
  5. The Project is already supported by a regular source of funding.
  6. Applications above the maximum limit of HK$500,000 per annum (or HK$1,000,000 for two years).

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Successful applicants must sign a Grant Agreement with UNICEF HK to confirm the compliance with all terms and conditions of the Project. Application will deem to be forfeited if the successful applicants fail to sign the Grant Agreement with UNICEF HK.
  2. The Applicants agree to supply additional information, i.e. curriculum vitae of project team members, supplementary data/documents to explain the proposal in more details, proof of track records, etc. which may be requested by UNICEF HK during the assessment process to evaluate the project eligibility for funding.
  3. The applicant should ensure that all publications and audio/visual materials shall not infringe copyright or intellectual property rights and shall not be produced for sale.
  4. UNICEF HK reserves the final rights to determine the successful applicants and funding arrangement and will not provide explanations for unsuccessful applications.
  5. UNICEF HK reserves the right to announce the application results, names of successful applicants and approved funding for each project.
  6. UNICEF HK reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions stated in the Application Guidelines without further notice.
  7. In case of discrepancies, information from the English versions of the Application Guidelines shall prevail.
  8. Information provided by Applicants will only be used for the purpose of application for the Project only.
  9. UNICEF HK reserve the right to make use of information, disclose or transfer information provided in the applications for the purposes of assessment of the applications, conducting research, arranging publicity of the Project, monitoring and evaluation of the Projects, etc.



Information and Enquires

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