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‘for every child, we listen’ radio programme provides a channel for children to speak up on-air

Let’s listen to the voices of children starting April 13 HONG KONG/13 April 2022 – Do you know the thinking and aspirations of our children? ‘for every child, we listen’ children’s radio programme is a special channel for our next generation to speak for themselves what’s on their minds. Co-produced by Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF […]

‘for every child, care & relief’ Campaign Provides Anti-epidemic Emergency Support for Low-income Families Raise Awareness for the Physical and Mental Health of Children during COVID

Hong Kong, April 12, 2022 – Since the start of the fifth COVID-19 wave in Hong Kong, confirmed cases have surged to a record high. UNICEF HK is concerned about children and adolescents suffering from the lockdown for a prolonged period and has swiftly launched ‘for every child, care & relief’ community support campaign. The […]

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UNICEF HK ‘For Every Child, Care & Relief’ Campaign launches Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eLearning Award Scheme Enjoy fun-filled at-home learning during special school break

HONG KONG/17 March 2022 –A special school break in March and April amidst fifth wave of COVID-19 has caught parents and students by surprise. UNICEF HK’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eLearning Award Scheme designed for Secondary 1 to 6 students empowers our next generation to take online lessons on different SDGs when they stay safe […]


First shipment of UNICEF humanitarian aid arrives in Ukraine as conflict escalates. More lifesaving supplies to follow

©UN0602175 KYIV, 5 March 2022 – The first batch of UNICEF humanitarian supplies has arrived in Lviv, western Ukraine, from UNICEF’s Global Supply and Logistics Hub in Copenhagen. It is part of a six-truck convoy containing an estimated 62 tonnes of supplies on its way to the country. The supplies include personal protective equipment to […]

UNICEF HK “Discover, for every child” – Virtual Run was successfully held

Hong Kong, January 31, 2022 – The first-ever virtual run event by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) “Discover, for every child” – Virtual Run was successfully held from 21 December 2021 to 27 January 2022. The event received enthusiastic response from runners and supporters with 65,409km completed by participants which is comparable […]


UNICEF Requires Urgent Support for Humanitarian Response in Tonga

© UNICEF/UN0578987/NOAA Hong Kong, 20 January 2022 – On 15 January 2022, the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai erupted violently. The eruption, which is said to have been one of the biggest in the world in the last 30 years, triggered a 1.2meter-high tsunami, that crashed ashore in coastal areas of Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa, as […]

Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF will host “Say Yes to Breastfeeding – Acknowledgement Ceremony” for promoting a better environment for breastfeeding in the local community

  Hong Kong, December 17, 2021– The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) hosted “Say Yes to Breastfeeding – Acknowledgement Ceremony” today to acknowledge corporations and organizations for supporting breastfeeding in Hong Kong. Officiating Guests including Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Food and Health, Mr. Ricky Chu Man-Kin, Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission […]

Official Launch of UNICEF HK 2021 “Discover, for every child” Virtual Run eConnect with Runners to Advocate “Reimagine Education” for Every Child

Hong Kong, 15 December 2021 – Organized by Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK), “Discover, for every child” virtual run, will be held from December 21, 2021 to January 27, 2022. Registration will commence from December 16 to join running with friends for every child to enjoy their rights of education. In the past two years, […]


Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Honors 35 Unsung Heroes Celebrating 35 Years of Partnership and Contribution

Hong Kong, November 29, 2021 – The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) launched its commemorative book — Coloring Every Child’s World with 35 Rainbows, to honor UNICEF Hong Kong’s 35 unsung heroes in celebration of its 35th anniversary. Mr. Henry Tang, Honorary Advisor of UNICEF HK officiated the launch of the ceremony alongside […]

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UNICEF HK Chairman Ms. Judy Chen Encourages Young People to Become Life-long Learners and Raises Concerns on the Well-being of Adolescent Girls Affected by Gender Inequality Under COVID-19

Hong Kong, 26 Oct 2021 –  Speaking at the 2nd Women Power Forum in Hong Kong, Ms. Judy Chen, Chairman of the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK), pointed out the world has evolved at an unprecedented pace and has stepped into a new social norm, especially in the past two years. To overcome […]