“Believe in Zero, Change for Good” Facebook Photo Movement Result Announcement


“Believe in Zero, Change for Good” Facebook Photo Movement Result Announcement

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Thanks for supporting and spreading the belief in “Zero Child Sufferings” for Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) and Cathay Pacific Airways! The movement has been successfully wrapped up on 12 July. UNICEF HK & Cathay Pacific Airways have selected the photo that best conveys the message of “Believe in Zero Child Sufferings” out of the 10 most “liked” photos and the result is as below:

The Most Influential Photo that best conveys “Believe in Zero”
will be awarded two round-trip economy class tickets from Hong Kong to Tokyo from Cathay Pacific Airways
Ivan_honyuicheung: “Zero” is not just a dream, if we are willing to share our love.
My family is willing to follow the steps of UNICEF and achieve “Zero” together.


Other 3 Outstanding Photos with “Zero”
will be awarded Cathay Pacific Premium Series 777-300ER Asia’s world city Model (1:200)
ememliu: If coins were dandelion, UNICEF was then the breeze to blow our wishes and blessings all over the world.
Angel: The earth is oval, much like the shape of “Zero”. “Spaceship taking away food” represents the children who are still suffering hunger; “Souls are gone” represents children are at risk of death; “Thunder and storm” symoblises the sufferings of children – but you can see the “Zero Rainbow” protects the earth and ensure children do not suffer anymore. Just like the Africa I’m drawing. The child there is happy because he is protected by “Zero”. He got clothes to wear, books to read, food to eat…I believe in Zero!
Chuiyi: “Love – Zero Suffering” — Fill the world with love, care about every child, spreading the message of “Zero” – I believe in “Zero”!

All the winners will receive our official congratulating mail. For more “Believe in Zero” photos, please visit UNICEF HK “Believe in Zero” website.

About ‘Change for Good’ Inflight Fundraising Programme

Since 1991, Cathay Pacific Airways and UNICEF HK have been running the “Change for Good” inflight progamme. The programme raised over HK$12.9 million in 2011, and since the programme’s inception, the amount raised now totals more than HK$120 million by passengers. The proceeds support UNICEF’s relief work in more than 150 developing countries around the world, and it is part of UNICEF’s continuous effort to achieve Zero Child Mortality from preventable diseases.