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About Change for Good

Change for Good inflight fundraising programme has been operated by Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) since 1991. Travelers on Cathay Pacific flights are encouraged to donate any spare change they have – in any currency – to UNICEF HK when returning from their journeys. As of 2016, the programme has raised more than HK$176 million to support UNICEF’s life-saving programmes, helping deprived women and children across 190 countries and territories worldwide.

Recent highlights

2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the partnership. To celebrate the milestone, Cathay Pacific decided to expand its contributions to UNICEF’s innovative education projects by designating 30 per cent of its annual donation in 2016 to UNICEF’s Schools for Asia initiative in India and China.

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UNICEF HK created 25 new designs of Change for Good donation envelopes. Each envelope cover features a story on how passengers’ donations are put to good use across 25 countries.


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In 2015, close to HK$20 million was raised through the Change for Good inflight fundraising programme and Cathay Pacific’s staff appeal. Of the total donation, HK$13.9 million has been used to support UNICEF’s ongoing efforts in improving the lives of vulnerable children worldwide, while HK$6 million has been used to provide life-saving supplies, services and other relief work in Nepal following the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

Field trips

Every year, UNICEF HK organizes field trips for Cathay Pacific staff volunteers to visit UNICEF’s project work in different regions that benefit from Change for Good. The teams are able to witness first-hand how passengers’ donations are effectively transformed into life-changing aids, giving every child a fair chance to live a healthy life and develop his or her potential.
Zhongxian, Chongqing, China

December 2016

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As part of the Schools for Asia programme, UNICEF works with the China government to deliver quality early childhood education and a child-friendly learning environment to children in rural China.
A group of 14 Cathay Pacific staff members visited child-friendly kindergartens in Chongqing, China. Through interacting with teachers and students, they learnt how quality education in kindergartens helps children become more socially confident and equips them with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
Pune and Mumbai, India

February 2017

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Eleven Cathay Pacific staff members visited India to learn about UNICEF’s Schools for Asia initiative. The Programme focuses on improving early childhood education, enhancing capacity and skills of teachers and providing a safe learning environment which gives children access to quality and inclusive education.
Kayin State, Myanmar

June 2017

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Ten Cathay Pacific staff members visited Myanmar to learn about UNICEF’s programmes on mine risk education, prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS, water, sanitation and hygiene and education.
Apart from focusing on field work, UNICEF works closely with local government and communities to develop long term capacities of frontline service providers and improve the quality of service, and support the government on policy development and coordination.

Get involved


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You can be part of the change too!

When you travel on Cathay Pacific flights, simply put leftover foreign currency into a Change for Good envelope and pass it to the cabin crew. You are also welcome to send the donation to the following locations:
Cathay Pacific City (8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, HK)
Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF office (3/F, 60 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, HK)
Donations raised will be used to support UNICEF’s programmes, helping deprived women and children across 190 countries and territories around the world.