Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 10


22 September 2011 Situation overview GENERAL According to FEWS NET, emergency levels of food insecurity persist due to high food prices, limited access to water, low milk availability, and insufficient humanitarian response. Meteorologists expect average rains in drought-stricken areas of the Horn of Africa during the upcoming short rain season. Potential enhanced rainfall is however […]

Ten FAQ for famine in southern Somalia


The drought in “Horn of Africa” still not subsides. Over half a million severely malnourished children are at imminent risk of dying. Worse still, famine of the century has been declared in the southern part of Somalia where more than 4 in every 10,000 children die every day. UNICEF has called for urgent increased donor […]

Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 14


3 November 2011 Situation overview SOMALIA Insecurity and the on-going rains continue to impede access to populations in need in south Somalia. Increased population movements are being reported as a result of conflict and fear of being caught in cross-fire. Since January, 318,262 children have been admitted and treated at UNICEF supported nutrition centres (including […]

Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 13


27 October 2011 Situation Highlights SOMALIA A total of 85,386 households received monthly blanket supplementary food rations benefitting approximately 512,316 people, including 102,463 children under five, in Bay, Bakool, Hiran, Middle Juba and Lower Shabelle. In total since January, 103,163 severely malnourished children and 178,580 moderately malnourished children have been admitted and treated in UNICEF […]


UNICEF three-month report on the Horn of Africa: food crisis far from over


21 October 2011 The massive international response to the child survival crisis in the Horn of Africa has already shown some positive results, but much more needs to be done to save hundreds of thousands of children at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease, UNICEF said today according to Regional three-month Progress Report: Response […]

Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 12


20 October 2011 Situation overview General A 3 month report on the response to date is published, which includes an update on results achieved by end September also highlights that more needs to be done to save lives. Sustained support by the international community will be required to further scale up the emergency response and […]

Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 11


13 October 2011 Situation Overview Djibouti Estimated 180,000 people are in urgent need for humanitarian assistance, out of which 130 000 in need of food assistance; 5,392 severely malnourished; 17,181 moderately malnourished; and 77,000 people including 20,610 refugees are in need of safe drinking water. In addition, an estimated 12,000 families including pregnant women and […]

Horn of Africa Crisis situation report 9


15 September 2011 Situation Overview GENERAL Kenya hosted a regional summit on the Horn of Africa (HoA) crisis from 8-9 September 2011, concluding to move to the approach of promoting disaster risk reduction and long-term development in drought affected areas. Ways includes to strengthen early warning systems; and address long-term issues of underdevelopment and climate […]