Children still at risk as renewed flooding hits Sri Lanka


8 February 2011 UNICEF is dispatching more supplies to support communities hit by renewed, severe flooding in Sri Lanka, aiming to ensure that affected families have access to safe water and an ability to maintain basic levels of hygiene. The latest batch of supplies includes 19,000 school kits(including notebooks, pens, pencils), 10,600 reinforced tarpaulins, 60 […]


A second consignment of supplies has arrived in Sri Lanka


14 January 2011 A second consignment of UNICEF supplies has arrived in the flood-affected eastern part of Sri Lanka today. These supplies are 4,961 hygiene kits (washing kits to last a family of five a month including towels, soap, toothpaste, washing powder), 10,000 plastic buckets, 15,000 sleeping mats, and 150 community cooking pots (150 litre […]

UNICEF tackles needs of Sri Lankan flood victims


13 January 2011 UNICEF supplies packed into seven trucks have arrived in eastern Sri Lanka, to support the million people affected by massive flooding. Official reports state 23 people have been killed, 36 injured and more than 300,000 displaced by the floods. UNICEF’s consignment has been handed over to local government officials who are working […]