Philippines typhoon Situation Report 1

Philippines typhoon Situation Report 1


Situation Overview 

– Over 5 million children have been affected by the Typhoon Haiyan

– 60,000 pregnant or lactating women among the displaced.

– An estimated 789,000 people continue to be displaced with about 70% in 1,215 evacuation centres and the rest in host communities or makeshift shelters such as schools.

– Water and food continues to be among the top priorities as the risk of malnutrition and infectious disease is given with the disruption in water, hygiene and sanitation services.

– With thousands of schools damaged or destroyed, more than 4 million children have had their education interrupted.

– Protection concerns are widespread including the risk of children being exposed to violence, abuse and neglect, as well as family separation.

UNICEF’s Response

©UNICEF Philippines/2013/JMaitem 1. WASH

– UNICEF WASH supplies were the first to arrive in Tacloban

– Have set up 70 portable toilets on the ground to curtail the spread of water-borne diseases and will provide potable water to 45,000 people every day in Tacloban

– Will deliver water purification tablets and a water tank to provide potable water to 19,000 people per day as well as squatting plates to set up latrines for over 8,500 persons in Roxas

2. Child protection

– Working with local authorities to identify and register children who may be separated from their families in displacement.

3. Nutrition and Health 

– Dispatching essential medicine to Roxas, Ormoc and Tacloban city

– Will provide Diarrhoeal Disease Sets for 500 patients

– Will provide integrated emergency health kits (IEHK) to support medical assistance to 90,000 people for one month

4. Education
– Mobilizing education support and supplies, including tents, Early Childhood Development (ECD kits), student school packs and teachers’ packs as well as library kits to the most affected areas, to ensure children can return to protective and quality environment and regain a sense of normalcy.
Photo courtesy of European Pressphoto Agency/Dennis M. Sabangan

UNICEF is appealing for HK$480 million to aid over 5 million children of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan. They are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.