Sichuan Earthquake Situation Report 3

Sichuan Earthquake Situation Report 3



1. Health and Nutrition
UNICEF’s response
  • Provide obstetric and neonatal equipment, including delivery kits, beds, blood pressure monitors, etc. to prefecture and county hospitals. Equipment received at Ya’an Prefecture Maternal and Child Health hospital on 29 April, with subsequent delivery to seriously affected county, including Lushan, Baoxing, Tianquan, Mingshan, Yucheng.
  • On 1 May, water supply in Ya’an had been restored throughout the prefecture to all but a few villages in Longmen Township, near the epicenter.
  • Makeshift and temporary latrines have largely been set up around schools, hospitals, and roadsides. However, more temporary latrines are urgently needed, as existing toilets cannot be flushed, and it is unsafe to use indoor toilets, as houses and other buildings sustained damage in the earthquake.
  • More than 700 garbage collection points and nearly 1,400 toilets have been set up in the area.
UNICEF’s response
  • Provide water quality testing and monitoring equipment; capacity-building on use of equipment . On 30 April, water quality testing kits and training were conducted in Lushan, Baoxing and Tianquan Counties, as well as in Ya’an City.
  • Provide temporary latrines (each consisting of a tent, squat pans and storage tanks) to county and township-level hospitals and Child Friendly Spaces in Lushan and Baoxing
3. Child Protection
  • In some communities, half of the children are ‘left-behind’ children whose parent(s) are migrant workers in other parts of the country.
  • With the interruption of education in the aftermath of the earthquake, school-aged children will spend much of their time in communities and temporary shelter areas. Community-based services are much needed.
UNICEF’s response
  • UNICEF’s 2 Child Friendly Spaces in Lushan are up and running, providing mainly mobile services for children and parents in the temporary settlement areas.
  • Meanwhile, the third Child Friendly Space, located in Longmen Township is now in the process of being re-established, having been set up in a tent on 5 May.
  • Supplies arrived in all three Child Friendly Spaces on 4 May, and work is now underway to support the provision community-based services for children, including psychosocial support, play, recreation, heath communication, and child protection. The Child Friendly Spaces will also lead and facilitate 2 mobile service points in surrounding areas.
  • Deliver supplies for establishment of centre-based and mobile Child Friendly Spaces, including tents, sports equipment, books, toys and hygiene kits.
4. Education
  • By 28 April, 282 schools had resumed classes after safety checks. By 2 May, all remaining schools in Ya’an Prefecture were expected to resume classes.
UNICEF’s response
  • Deliver technical assistance to 30 primary schools and secondary schools in Lushan County to help the affected school children resume their studies and receive quality education as soon as possible.
  • Provide appropriate counseling for school teachers and students.
  • Provide equipment, supplies, training and outreach for intergrated early child development.

As usual, UNICEF will spend all the donations to emergency relief with no amount deducted for administrative expense.

UNICEF has a stringent financial management tracking system that monitors all income and expenditures at the country level, and delivery of all procured supplies all the way to their delivery points.
All the emergency supplies will be clearly marked before delivered to the affected areas, and the distribution is widely publicized in fixed public locations to ensure easy access for families. UNICEF also follows up the usage by carrying out periodic spot checks.
One of the major focuses of UNICEF in this Sichuan Earthquake is establishing and strengthening Child Friendly Spaces, which provide psychological support to affected children and their family. These are fixed locations, all equipment, furniture, books, toys etc and services will be kept and provided in these locations, while periodic follow-up checks will be carried out by Child Friendly Spaces staff.