Sichuan Earthquake Situation Report 4

Sichuan Earthquake Situation Report 4



UNICEF delivered emergency relief in the aftermath of the Ya’an Earthquake. UNICEF will continue to support reconstruction work in the affected areas.

1. Health and Nutrition

– Provided essential obstetric and neonatal supplies to six Maternal and Child Health hospitals in Ya’an, Lushan, Baoxing, Tianquan, Mingshan and Yucheng by 3 May.

2. Immunisation

– Re-established Cold chain in earthquake zone to support the recovery and strengthening of routine immunisation work.

– From 6 to 12 May, held a week-long Hepatitis A and Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) immunisation campaign for 20,000 children between ages of 8 months and 14 years, with cold chain and immunisation equipment procured.

– Provided cold rooms, freezers, vaccine carriers, computers etc. to county and township-level Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI) clinics.

– Supported local counterparts in EPI campaigns with awareness-raising to encourage parents to bring their children for vaccination.


– On 30 April, delivered 15 water quality testing kits to health authorities, and trained staff to monitor water quality.

– On 4 May, oversaw and technically assisted in setting up 50 temporary latrines in Longmen and Qingren Townships.

Child Protection

– Procured supplies, including tents, furniture, toys and play materials, and trained staff to provide psychosocial support services to reduce the psychological impact of an emergency immediately after the earthquake.

– Supported training to further expand services in existing Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) and reactivated two former CFS in Longmen Township and Tianquan County.

– In CFS, UNICEF provided basic services, such as clean water and hygienic toilets, and daycare and preschool services and life skills training services to children and youth.

– Made use of local resources to model educational, recreational and community activities and provide social-work-like services.

– UNICEF will explore the support to the establishment and operation of county-level social work resource centres in Lushan, Baoxing and Tianquan. Professional social workers of the centres will provide needs assessments, regular home visits, and case management for children and youth.

– UNICEF will also conduct seminars and training workshops on integrating and improving the role of social work in post-earthquake response and reconstruction.