Yunnan Earthquake Situation Report 1

Yunnan Earthquake Situation Report 1

Situation Overview
-The earthquake killed 615 people, 114 people are missing and injured 3,143 people, 343 of whom are in a critical condition. A total of 229,700 people have been evacuated.
-The extensive damage was exacerbated by the dense population and poorly-constructed houses which were made with cob walls and concrete ceilings. In addition, the earthquake-stricken area is remote and mountainous.Geological structure with landslides and heavy rains increases the difficulty in rescue and logistics.
UNICEF’s Response

© UNICEF China / Wang Xiao Lin
UNICEF China has been working in Ludian, a designated national poverty county, for many years. The UNICEF team is now liaising with local counterparts to gauge the damage to the social sector and how UNICEF can enhance and accelerate the existing programmes to expand services to meet children and their families’ needs in the aftermath of the earthquake. As the search and rescue effort comes to an end, the focus is now on assessing damage and catering to urgent needs of the affected population.

-The immediate priority is on life saving. UNICEF has delivered medical supplies and equipment for the women and children in the affected areas, to support the recovery of health service provision at the County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, County General Hospital, County Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, and 11 township hospitals of Ludian County.

-Delivered medical supplies to maternal and child health hospitals in Qiaojia County, Qujing City, Huize County and Zhaotong Prefecture Hospital to support service provision for severe cases affected by the earthquake.
-Support in the immediate response phase will focus on life-saving equipment for pregnant women and children, especially newborns in the earthquake affected areas, including neonatal resuscitation packs/tables, and delivery kits.
-It’s estimated that 302,000 women of reproductive age, and 111,000 children under 5 years old will benefit from UNICEF’s immediate support.
Child Protection

-Three Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) have been supported by UNICEF in nearby counties with its partnership with the National Women and Children Commission (NCCW) since the Yiliang earthquake in 2012. There is a significant need to provide additional child friendly spaces, counseling and child protection support for children affected by the Ludian earthquake.
-The CFS in nearby areas continued to provide safe places and services for children.
-The NCCW plans to set up five CFS with UNICEF’s support to cope with the needs of children affectedby the Ludian earthquake.

-The CFS provide services including psycho-social support, day-care drop-in services, self-protection skills in emergencies, non-formal ECD, and parenting skills, which all contribute to alleviating post disaster stress for children and their parents.
-The CFS network will also be mobilized to identify what critical support is needed to assist the most vulnerable children return to school on 1 September (the beginning of the new school year).

© UNICEF China / Wang Xiao Lin
-As the nutrition indicators in the county are very poor, UNICEF will work with the National Health and Family Planning Commission to determine nutritional needs and if required, Ying Yang Bao, a micronutrient supplement for children aged between 6 and 24 months will be provided in the earthquake affected areas.
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
-Water, sanitation and hygiene coverage was already low in Ludian County and reports indicate extensive damage of remaining infrastructure.
-UNICEF is liaising with China Center for Disease Control and the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee to determine medium to longer term requirements to rebuild and rehabilitate public sanitation facilities at health centres, hospitals and schools.
-UNICEF assistance may cover:
1.Repair of sanitation infrastructure in county and township hospitals plus community hygiene awareness education for affected communities;
2.Hygiene kits for early childhood centers and for children and their families attending Child Friendly Spaces
-As schools restart on 1 September, UNICEF will work to support efforts to make sure the most vulnerable children are able to attend.
UNICEF is appealing for HK$5.85 million (US$750,000) to provide the life-saving assistance and one-year recovery programmes in Yunnan.