Yunnan Earthquake Situation Report 2

Yunnan Earthquake Situation Report 2


UNICEF Response

Supplies for children are setting out from Beijing to Yiliang Earthquake area on 18 September 2012. As a rapid response, UNICEF is providing hygiene kits, sports kits and school supplies for students in the affected region.



UNICEF provides basic maternal and child health equipment to support the safe delivery of babies in the worst-affected communities; as well as micronutrient sachets for infants.

Water & Sanitation

UNICEF provides personal hygiene kits to 4,750 children.

Health infrastructure in the county has suffered extensive damage. There is high incidence of diarrohea and fevers after the disaster. UNICEF is also sending hygiene kits for the children to reduce the risk of diseases.


UNICEF provides 2,000 blankets and 2,000 quilts for students in boarding schools (temperatures are dropping in the earthquake zone), as well as 2,000 student kits, containing basic school supplies to help students resume their education.

Child Protection

UNICEF sets up 3 Child Friendly Spaces in the most affected communities. Currently, earthquake-affected children have no safe space to play. Moreover, many children are currently out of school. The Child Friendly Spaces will serve as a platform for the delivery of vital services such as psychological support to help them resume normal life.

The sports kits will allow the children to play various games such as badminton, table tennis, football and so on. Playing games is one way for children to recover after losing their homes and possessions.


Your donation supports UNICEF to provide necessary relief items to the affected children.