Yushu Earthquake Six Month Report – a record of encouraging milestones issued

Yushu Earthquake Six Month Report – a record of encouraging milestones issued

October 2010



UNICEF has issued the “Yushu Earthquake Six Month Report, which takes stock of the progress made and milestones achieved between 14 April 2010, when the earthquake struck, and October 2010. Six months after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit northwest China’s Qinghai Province, assistance from UNICEF is reaching the most vulnerable children and communities in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the area most severely affected by the earthquake.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, UNICEF’s support focused on responding to the emergency needs of children and women and protecting the lives of survivors by rushing warm clothing, wool blankets, medical equipment, hygiene kits, winterised school tents and education supplies to the emergency zone. In the ongoing recovery and reconstruction phase, UNICEF’s support has focused on enhancing the quality of services to children and improving local capacity.

Some key milestones at six months include:

•More than 25,000 children provided with warm winter clothing, including jackets, pants and boots

•Medical equipment provided to support the reestablishment of maternal and child health services, covering a population of 100,000

•150 children and pregnant women in need of critical medical treatment transported in UNICEF-provided ambulances

•120,000 people provided with hygiene kits to support the maintenance of personal hygiene

•7,500 schoolchildren provided with classroom tents to help them resume their studies 12 days after the earthquake

•4,500 schoolchildren provided with pre-fabricated classrooms in the medium-term response to create a safe and comfortable learning environment during the long winter months and until new school buildings are constructed in several years’ time

•21,500 schoolchildren provide with educational and recreational materials, including student kits, library kits and sports kits

•5,000 schoolchildren provided with psychosocial support and a safe environment in which to recover through the establishment of four Child Friendly Spaces

To date, UNICEF has provided HK$40.5 million (US$5.2 million) in earthquake relief and recovery. The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF has received a total amount of HK$24.2 million for the emergency relief operation. In line with the Government of China’s reconstruction plan, UNICEF’s support to children and women in the earthquake zone will continue up to December 2012.

UNICEF would like to express its sincere gratitude for your generous donations, which has supported the provision of significant assistance to the children and communities affected by the earthquake.

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