The first-ever appointment of an athlete, Mr Wong Kam-po, as HKCU Ambassador Leading local youth to advocate for children’s rights


The first-ever appointment of an athlete, Mr Wong Kam-po, as HKCU Ambassador Leading local youth to advocate for children’s rights

HONG KONG, 17 July 2011 – Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (HKCU) has officially appointed the Hong Kong’s best cyclist, Mr Wong Kam-po as the HKCU Ambassador today, which was the first-ever appointment of an athlete over the past 25 years. Mr Wong Kam-po will support HKCU to advocate for issues and struggles faced by the world’s children to governments, businesses and the public, as well as to promote the global initiatives of UNICEF with an aim to develop Hong Kong to be a “Child-friendly City”.

Since 1954, UNICEF has been appointing Goodwill Ambassadors around the world. For more than half a century, UNICEF’s goodwill ambassadors have helped to protect the rights and improve the lives of children and women around the world. UNICEF’s work has been widely enriched by their connection, influence and utmost support. HKCU thus appointed Mr Leon Lai as the first HKCU Ambassador in 1994.

Mr Wong Kam-po was appointed the HKCU Ambassador today after receiving a certificate of appointment from Ms Judy Chen, Chairman of HKCU, in the presence of Ms Leonie Ki, Chairman of the Advocacy and Public Relations Committee of HKCU and Ms Irene Chan, Chief Executive of HKCU.  Being the first Ambassador from the sports arena, Mr. Wong Kam-po marks a new chapter of HKCU.

“Every UNICEF Ambassador needs to take on an uphill task”, said Ms Judy Chen, Chairman of HKCU in her welcoming speech.”Mr Wong Kam-po joined the Hong Kong cycling team at his teenage and won numerous world sports awards. His stories of hardship are not only on everyone’s lips in Hong Kong but also Chinese all over the world. His all-out efforts have gained the entire recognition from us.  We hope ‘Ah Po’ can further promote the missions of UNICEF to the public by his unique appeal.”

Ms Leonie Ki, Chairman of the Advocacy and Public Relations Committee of HKCU said in the appointment ceremony, “Mr Wong Kam-po is not only our pride, but also the role model for teenagers and the general public of Hong Kong.” She expressed words of encouragement to UNICEF Young Envoys, “Just like the racing career of “Ah Po”, the road ahead for children is certainly full of challenges and difficulties. However, we must not lose our faith. Let’s learn from “Ah Po”, taking the bull by the horns and striding towards our goals!”

“Team work is the spirit of sport, during which we must never give up and adhere to goals with determination. We all have to go through this in the games and sport is the easiest way to attain happiness”. The newly appointed ambassador said with a smile, “Sport is the best training for teenagers, I hope I can encourage more young people to take part in sport and I will fully impart my knowledge and experience to them, to let them truly realise that simplicity is happiness.

About 20 UNICEF Young Envoys 2011 will head for the Yulong County in Yunnan Province tomorrow for a 6-day field visit. Yunnan Province is home to many ethnic minorities, UNICEF Young Envoys will pay a home visit to the ethnic groups in order to gain a better understanding of UNICEF’s parenting education project there, to learn how UNICEF help strengthen parent-child relationship and provide an appropriate growing environment for children among the ethnic minorities.

HKCU Ambassador, Mr Wong Kam-po often goes to Yunnan Province for his training, he took the opportunity to share with the Young Envoys his thoughts to get along with the ethnic minorities. “It’s actually very simple to get along with the ethnic minorities. Although you may not communicate well with languages, they will treat you as one of them as long as we treat them with sincerity.”

At the end of the ceremony, about 20 Young Envoys presented a card of appreciation to Mr Wong Kam-po to welcome him abroad to HKCU and wish him every success in the coming Olympic Games. The picture in the card showed that “Ah Po” will join hands with HKCU, leading the Young Envoys to promote Hong Kong as a “Child-friendly City”.

Mr Wong Kam-po, BBS, MH, born on the 3 March 1973, joined the Hong Kong cycling team in 1990. He won 3 gold medals in Asian Games (Road Race), 3 gold and 2 bronze medals in 4 National Games of the People’s Republic of China. He also won “Hong Kong Sports stars Award” for 8 times and was the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardee” in 2007. In March of 2007, he was the World Championships of the 1st Scratch Race. Gaining a lot of achievements for the sports circle in Hong Kong, Mr Wong Kam-po is greatly admired by Hong Kong people and has taken a leadership position among Chinese riders over the past years and earned the fame of “God of cycling racing in Asia”.