Hong Kong Committee of UNICEF allocated HK$1,000,000 to the relief effort


Hong Kong Committee of UNICEF allocated HK$1,000,000 to the relief effort

16 April 2010

Hong Kong Committee of UNICEF allocated HK$1,000,000 to the relief effort

UNICEF China office sending urgently needed relief supplies for children affected by the earthquake.

Beijing / Hong Kong, 16 April 2010 — The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF immediately allocated HK$1,000,000 on 15 April to support the relief work in Qinghai.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is sending urgently needed relief supplies for children and women affected by the massive earthquake.

Situation Overview (as of 15 April):
• The total population of Yushu Prefecture is 357,000 and the child population is 122,700;
• Casualties, damages and losses are still under assessment. Death toll reached to 617, 9,110 injured, 313 missing and 100,000 households evacuated. 2,038 people have been pulled out of the debris but incalculable victims are still buried.
• 15,000 buildings have collapsed. Over 85% of residential homes in Jiegu have collapsed.
• The quake led to a power outage. Local telecommunications have resumed but are not stable.
• Reports showed that 117 students and 5 teachers had died; estimated 200-plus students are buried under the debris.
• The MCH Hospital in Yushu County has totally collapsed.

UNICEF Actions and Response
Immediately after the earthquake, UNICEF has been in contact with government counterparts including the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA), Ministry of Education (MOE), and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), to collect any possible damage assessments and information on needs from field. UNICEF China office is mobilizing to send urgently needed relief supplies for children affected by the earthquake. UNICEF’s emergency stocks such as shelter, tents, and prefab buildings are available, with blankets, children winter boots (over 4,700 pairs) and winter clothes are on the way.

Food, water, tents, shelter, clothing, blankets, quilts, essential commodities, medical equipment, medicine and medical workers, rescue equipment are mostly needed. Particularly, medical supplies, clothes and food that are tailored to the needs of children are needed.

“Destructive earthquake had affected thousands of lives in Yushu. We will support the relief work mobilized by UNICEF China focusing on the special needs of children and women.” Ms Irene Chan, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF said. “We hope that the Hong Kong public can help the relief effort in Qinghai through donation.”

UNICEF is taking actions to help many of the victims and try to save as many lives as possible. Your immediate support is urgently needed to help the victims of this disaster.

Donation to Qinghai Earthquake

1. Donation Hotline : 2833 6139
2. Direct Bank- in
Qinghai Earthquake:

HSBC: 567-354014-004
Bank of China: 012-875-1-0810855
Wing Lung Bank: 020-601-003-76352
Bank of East Asia: 015-260-81-012100

3. Cheque: Payable to “Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF” (Please send us the cheque with personal details with remark “Qinghai” at the back and send to “Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, 3/F, 60 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.”)


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