Leave Your Love to the World Behind

A legacy gift of any size will help save and change children’s lives.

Gifts in Wills are vital for our work to keep children safe around the world; whether they are in danger from malnutrition, or in need of essential vaccines to protect them from disease. They allow us to respond rapidly when emergencies strike, and send out life-saving supplies like water containers, nutrition supplements and mosquito-nets. Most importantly, charitable legacies mean your support will continue to make a difference even after you have gone.

An elderly woman kisses a girl toddler as she sits on cot in a tent at the Kalymnos camp for East Timorese refugees in a suburb of Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, Australia. The camp is run by the Northern Territory Health Department with assistance from local NGOs and volunteer groups. By end September 1999, the violence that followed East Timor's decisive vote for independence from Indonesia on 30 August, displaced more than 350,000 people, some 250,000 of whom crossed into West Timor where they are living precariously in overcrowded displaced persons camps. In spite of ongoing security problems, UNICEF is providing a steady supply of relief assistance to these displaced, including baby food, blankets, jerrycans and community water tanks and sanitation facilities, together with local authorities and NGOs. By early October, led by UNHCR, UN agencies began assisting those wishing to return from West to East Timor.> In East Timor, the violence also targeted the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET), which had monitored the election process, forcing the evacuation to Darwin, Australia, of most UNAMET staff, as well as some 1,500 East Timorese. On 20 September, a multinational peacekeeping force led by Australia, called INTERFET, landed in East Timor, enabling humanitarian agencies to resume their work there. While access to outlying areas is still very restricted, UNICEF, in addition to distributing emergency supplies, is participating in a mass measles immunization campaign targeting children under 12, as well as assisting in the rehabilitation of health, water and sanitation, and education services, the latter to include a pyschosocial component for children displaced or otherwise affected by the violence.

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Ways to make a planned gift:

– A Residuary Bequest
You can nominate to leave the whole or a percentage of what remains in your estate (known as the residue) after you have provided for family and friends and fulfilled tax and obligations.

– A Specific Gift
You can also donate a fixed amount of money or the sales proceeds of personal properties such as jewellery or a flat to UNICEF.

– A Gift of Insurance
You can name UNICEF HK as the beneficiary of your insurance policy, either wholly or partially of the sum insured.

To Name the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF as a beneficiary
To make a legacy gift to us, please put down in ‘Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, at 7th Floor, SUP Tower, 75-83 King’s Road, Hong Kong’ in your will as the beneficiary to comply with legal requirements under Hong Kong law.

To learn more, please download the UNICEF Planned Giving Programme Pledge Form. For more information, please contact us at 2836 2975 or [email protected].