World Breastfeeding Week celebration moved online for the first time

Due to Covid-19 social distancing measures, celebration for World Breastfeeding Week was virtually held. With the support of the Food and Health Bureau and Department of Health of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, representatives from the Government, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), medical and business sectors, as well as breastfeeding mothers, we all came together to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and welcome the implementation of the Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Ordinance (SDO) on the protection of breastfeeding women.

UNICEF HK launched a new virtual fundraising event – ‘Discover, for every child’

‘Discover, for Every Child’ event is launched with the goal of ‘play to help’. Donations raised (25 August to 5 September) have been specially allocated to help UNICEF “Haiti Earthquake and Rescue Emergency Rescue Project”, and the remaining donations from the activity will be used to protect the children and families who are affected by the pandemic around the world.




UNICEF HK launched ‘For every child, hygiene’

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘For every child, hygiene’ action campaign was launched. By delivering hygiene bags, disseminating educational resources on personal and household hygiene, as well as providing disinfection service by spraying self-sanitizing coating to 10,000 grassroots families who lives in subdivided flats, helped them to raise awareness on hygiene. In the meantime, a donation of  1 million child face masks was received to help fight the epidemic.

UNICEF HK organized its first-ever Thankathon

With reference to the global initiative Thankathon event started by the UNICEF headquarters, UNICEF HK Thankathon followed in their footsteps and recognized the generosity of donors for their steadfast support and commitment to children’s well-being. We received a lot of heartwarming feedback from the event, which helped us to gain an understanding of the motivation behind UNICEF HK donors’ support.

2020 1

2020 2

2020 3


UNICEF HK “For Every Child, , #EATPLAYLOVE”  2019, featured outdoor imagination playground and maiden voyage of floating classroom

UNICEF HK  “for every child, #EatPlayLove” 2019 (the Event) was held at Stanley Plaza. This was to continue the effort to promote the key essences of early childhood development: Eat, Play, Love to parents and caregivers following the Event’s debut in 2018.

Say Yes To Breastfeeding campaign receives support from the hotel industry for the first time

UNICEF HK joined hands with various sectors to build breastfeeding-friendly community. Nearly 180 premises and 653 workplaces had pledge to implement breastfeeding-friendly measures as of 2019.


UNICEF HK launched ‘for every child, #EatPlayLove’

UNICEF HK Champions Free Play For Every Child Survey reveals 84 percent of Hong Kong parents lack of  knowledge on children’s free play. Therefore, UNICEF HK first organized ‘for every child, #EatPlayLove’ campaign, in association with East Point City, as an initiative in supporting UNICEF’s global campaign for early childhood development.

UNICEF HK welcomes a new inclusive playground at Tuen Mun Park

The inclusive playground adopted winning designs of ‘UNICEF Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition’ organized by UNICEF HK, Playright Children’s Play Association, and the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architect in 2015. The design has taken into account a wide range of children’s physical and psychological abilities as well as children at different ages and body build, to create a truly inclusive environment. UNICEF HK is pleased that the HKSAR Government will continue to inject inclusive design elements into building children’s playgrounds in Hong Kong.




UNICEF HK Little Artists Big Dreams Drawing Competition

UNICEF HK Little Artists Big Dreams Drawing Competition was once again successfully held in 2017. With the support of around 1,000 children, we were able to raise around HK$1 million, improving maternal and child health services in rural China.

labd 2017




Say Yes to Breastfeeding

Queen Elizabeth Hospital was accredited as the first baby-friendly hospital in Hong Kong by Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association supported by UNICEF HK.

Change for Good

Change for Good entered its 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong and has raised over HK$ 165 million, thanks to Cathay Pacific Airways’ long term support.




Make A Video

Internationally recognized, One Minutes Junior Awards 2015, was awarded to a participant of UNICEF HK Make A Video project.

2015_Ng Miuling Miumiu


Top Three Most Effective UNICEF Campaign

UNICEF HK ‘Right to Play’ campaign nominated as the top three most effective UNICEF campaign in the world.

2014 - Right to Play - Vote for your most preferred campaign
2014 - Right to Play - Closing Plenary Session


Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award 2012 was solely awarded to the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF among 36 National Committees for its outstanding excellence in the areas of Corporate Governance.

Right to Play

UNICEF HK kicks off the working theme of the year – ‘Right to Play’ with UNICEF HK Ambassador Miss Sarah Lee Wai-sze.

Reclaiming Childhood

UNICEF HK successfully applied the Government’s Announcement in the Public Interest for the first time, for the launch of ‘Reclaiming Childhood’ promotion video.

2013 - Special Achievement Award 2012 - 2

2013 - Special Achievement Award 2012 - 1

2013 - Right to Play - Theme Kick-off Ceremony
2013 - Right to Play - Advertisement


Soap for Good

The Global Handwashing Day – “Soap for Good” project was held in October. With the support of over 500 people, more than 2,000 recycled soap bars were made and given to residents living in Sham Shui Po and families in developing countries, promoting the message of “Clean hands, save lives”.

The ‘Believe in Zero – Cycling Safety Event’

The ‘Believe in Zero – Cycling Safety Event’, with UNICEF HK Ambassador Wong Kam-po delivering safety techniques to children, kicked-off the “Believe in Zero” Campaign.

Code of Practice on Donors’ Recruitment

In collaboration with 18 other charitable organisations, the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF launched the first ‘Code of Practice on Face-to-Face Monthly Donors’ Recruitment’ in Hong Kong.

Believe In Zero, Make A Video

UNICEF HK held the first ‘Believe In Zero, Make a Video’ Competition.

2012 - Global Handwashing Day - Soap for Good - 2

2012 - Global Handwashing Day - Soap for Good - 1

2012 - Believe In Zero - Cycling Safety Event
2012 - Code of Practice on F2F Monthly Donors Recruitment
2012 - Believe In Zero, Make A Video Competition - 2
2012 - Believe In Zero, Make A Video Competition - 1


Annual Financial Performance Award

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF won the first prize of the Annual Financial Performance Award of achieving the Largest Growth in per capita Income in 2010 among the Medium Committee Category.

Child Rights Advocacy Project

Child Rights Advocacy Project was launched to realise and promote child rights in Hong Kong.

Mr Leon Lai Joined the Council

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF welcomes our Goodwill Ambassador Mr Leon Lai to sit on the Council.

2011 - Child Rights Advocacy Project - 1
2011 - Child Rights Advocacy Project - 2


Highest Funds Records

UNICEF Charity Run hit the highest records of funds raised and number of participant.

‘Change for Good’ 20th Anniversary

‘Change for Good’ in-flight fundraising campaign accumulated over HK$100 million in donations in entering its 20th anniversary.

Voices of Youth

Hong Kong’s first children online radio station, ‘Voices of Youth’, was created.

2010 - Charity Run

2010 - Voices of Youth - 1


Hong Kong’s First Interactive CRC Educational Kit

Hong Kong’s first interactive CRC educational kit suitable for all primary schools was launched.

Children’s Climate Forum

4 UNICEF Climate Ambassadors attended Children’s Climate Forum in Copenhagen on behalf of the Hong Kong Committee.

2009 - Interactive CRC Educational Kit - 1

2009 - Interactive CRC Educational Kit - 2

2009 CCFC_1


Study of Friendliness of Families

Hong Kong’s first study on friendliness of families was published with the University of Hong Kong.

Sichuan Earthquake

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF had raised more than HK$146.32 million for Sichuan earthquake, representing around half of the total amount of funds raised globally.

2008 - Child-friendly Families - 1

2008 - Child-friendly Families - 2

2008 - Sichuan Earthquake - 1

2008 - Sichuan Earthquake - 2



The first UNICEF Charity Run themed around fighting against AIDS was launched.

2006 - Charity Run - 1
2006 - Charity Run - 2


UNICEF Youth & Information Centre

UNICEF Youth & Information Centre came into operation.

2005 - UNICEF Youth & Information Centre - 2
2005 - UNICEF Youth & Information Centre - 1


South-east Asia Tsunami Recovery

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF raised over HK$204.47 million for South-east Asia Tsunami Recovery.


2004 - South-east Asia Tsunami - 2


First Children’s Council

Hong Kong’s first Children’s Council was co-organised as a platform for children’s views to be voiced.

2003 - Children's Council - 2
2003 - Children's Council - 1


Child Ambassadors’ Scheme

UNCRC – Child Ambassadors’ Scheme was co-organised with funding support of the Government.

UNICEF Young Envoys Club

UNICEF Young Envoys Club was established.

2000 - CRC Ambassador
2000 - Young Envoys Club


UNICEF Young Envoys Programme

UNICEF Young Envoys Programme started.

1996 - Young Envoys - 1
1996 - Young Envoys - 2


Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association was registered, the first NGO dedicated to protecting child and maternal health through promoting breastfeeding in Hong Kong.

1994 - BFHI - 1
1994 - BFHI - 2


First China Children Week

The first China Children Week kicked off and raised funds for the purchase of polio vaccines.

1993 - China's Children Week - 2
1993 - China's Children Week - 1


Change for Good

‘Change for Good’ inflight fundraising campaign was launched with full support of Cathay Pacific Airways.

1991 - Change for Good - 1
1991 - Change for Good - 2


UNICEF HK was Founded

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF was founded.


Nobel Peace Prize

UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

1965 - Nobel Prize - 1
1965 - Nobel Prize - 2


UNICEF was established

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was established.

1946 - UNICEF Established - 1
1946 - UNICEF Established - 2