Miss Miriam Yeung

UNICEF Regional Ambassador (East Asia and Pacific) since 2009

Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Ambassador since 2005

Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF AIDS Caring Ambassador since 2004

2013 – Participation in UNICEF Charity Run 5km Race and sponsored 37 fans to support the HIV prevention work

unicefhk_for ambassador-01

2013 – Philippines Typhoon Haiyan relief online appeal

2013 – Shared her breastfeeding experience in World Breastfeeding Week

2013 – Visit to the UNICEF’s HIV/AIDS prevention projects in Myanmar

VOY_for ambassador-01-01

2013 – Recorded promotional voices over for youth radio initiative Voices of Youth

unicefhk_for ambassador-01

2011 – Promoted the enrolment of UNICEF Charity Run

2010 RUN

2010 – Promoted the enrolment of UNICEF Charity Run and attended kick-off and prize presentation ceremony

2009 Sichuan

2009 – Visit to Sichuan to examine the humanitarian work one year after a massive earthquake

2008 – Visit to the UNICEF’s maternal and child health projects in Qinghai

2005 Shanxi

2005 – Visit to Shanxi to support the fight against stigma of HIV/AIDS in China