SCAD Hong Kong Students Create Sculptures to Celebrate 25 years of Change for Good


SCAD Hong Kong Students Create Sculptures to Celebrate 25 years of Change for Good


© UNICEF HK/2016

Hong Kong, 16 December 2016 ── To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited and Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK)’s Change for Good inflight fundraising programme, UNICEF HK has collaborated with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to engage students in a commemorative design challenge.

Change for Good is a long standing partnership between Cathay Pacific and UNICEF HK to improve the lives of children in more than 150 developing countries and territories.  Since launching in 1991, more than HK$165 million has been raised through Change for Good programme. Through SCAD’s Collaborative Learning Center (CLC), students participated in a 3-day Design Challenge to develop creative and innovative design concepts using coins collected from the programme.

Under the direction of the SCAD faculty, student from various degree majors such as Advertising, Fashion Marketing and Management, and Animation have worked together to combine their talents and creativity. Using art as a medium, they have been able to convey Change for Good’s positive contribution to global communities. The two winning teams were commissioned by UNICEF HK to develop two thematic art pieces. ‘Drip Drop’, created by second year students Branwen Bindra and Nikhil Nagarkar, was inspired by UNICEF’s work on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. This showcase piece is now displayed in the Headland Hotel’s lobby, a key entrance leading to Cathay Pacific City. The other winning design, ‘The Bloom,’ created by second year students Paola Chen and Helena Cheng, was beautifully auctioned at UNICEF HK’s 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner held earlier last month.

Ms Jane Lau, Chief Executive of UNICEF HK, is pleased to have partnered with SCAD on this project in presenting ‘Drip Drop’ to Cathay Pacific. She says, “Students are encouraged to use art to thematically illustrate the needs of children worldwide. The artwork not only commemorates UNICEF HK’s 25 years of partnership with Cathay Pacific through the Change for Good inflight fundraising programme, but also reflects the programme’s key message of: small change makes a big difference.”

Nikhil Nagarkar, winning designer, explains about working on ‘Drip Drop’, “We were greatly inspired by the Change for Good programme and the hope they spread to communities around the world.” Branwen Bindra added, “‘Drip Drop’ shows a drop of water falling into a pool, signifying and reflecting how a lone drop can have a huge impact. Light was also a major consideration in the design – we polished the coins to create a reflective, glossy appearance like the surface of water.

Sponsored Projects Manager of CLC Cheryl Ho said, “The SCAD CLC project was a great opportunity for our students to put their innovative and versatile thinking into practice, and gain hands-on experience working on and presenting their design concepts to major organizations. The immense production process spanning a 3 month period was an invaluable experience.”

UNICEF HK 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner, SCAD Students’, Change for Good sculpture, ‘The Bloom’ auction piece.

SCAD Students’, Change for Good 25th Anniversary sculpture ‘Drip Drop’ art installation.


Photos can be downloaded here.