“The murder of the innocents in Aleppo must stop” – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake


“The murder of the innocents in Aleppo must stop” – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

On 24 August 2016 in the Syrian Arab Republic, two children walk arm in arm down a war damaged street in Aleppo.

By end August 2016, children continue to bear the brunt of the latest surge in violence in Aleppo.  In the eastern part of Aleppo, around 100,000 children remain trapped since early July.  Water has ceased flowing through the public network, as the generator that operates the main water pumping station needs urgent repairs.  UNICEF does not have safe access to provide the urgent humanitarian assistance needed in the area.

In the western part of Aleppo, an estimated 35,000 people were displaced when new waves of fighting hit the al-Hamadaniyah neighbourhood.  Already displaced by the war and living in half-built apartment towers, again families had to flee and leave everything behind.  Most families are currently staying in informal shelters such as schools and mosques as well as in parks and on the streets.  UNICEF trucks in water daily for 300,000 of the most vulnerable people including newly displaced families in informal shelters. The main electricity network that powers pumping stations sustained damage in recent fighting. UNICEF supports the delivery of fuel to operate generators for water pumping stations and groundwater wells that provide safe drinking water to around 1.2 million people.

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NEW YORK/HONG KONG, 29 September 2016 – “In Aleppo, 96 children killed and 223 children injured in merciless attacks this week alone.  Each one, a daughter or a son.

“Doctors forced to let some children die while saving others with scarce medical supplies.

“Tens of thousands of children drinking dirty water because a pumping station was bombed and another switched off.

“Brave aid and rescue workers killed.

“Aid convoys destroyed.

“The world is watching these horrors unfold.  Every day, they continue … and get worse.

“The murder of the innocents in Aleppo must stop.

“UNICEF and our partners have just delivered some supplies to the besieged areas of Madaya, Fouah, Kefraya and Zabadani.  In addition to continuing operations in western Aleppo, we are doing what we can to provide trucked water supplies throughout the city.

“But it is far from enough.

“The only real answer for Aleppo is an end to its descent into further horror.”