UNICEF HK 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Raise fund for children in crises


UNICEF HK 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Raise fund for children in crises


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Hong Kong, 4 November 2016To celebrate the 30th anniversary, the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) organizes a gala dinner tonight at The Mira Hong Kong to give thanks to its sponsors and partners for their unwavering support in promoting the well-being of children, while raising fund for children in crises worldwide.

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UNICEF’s work is “For Every Child” – that is to give every child a fair chance to live, grow and to lead a respectful life. For 30 years, UNICEF HK has raised HK$2.5 billion and engaged over 400,000 donors, contributing to UNICEF’s global mission in humanitarian and development work for children and our role as a leading advocate for child rights. “We are also proud to have played strong advocate in Hong Kong for breastfeeding, leading to the successful designation of Hong Kong’s first Baby Friendly Hospital this year and have nurtured nearly 3,000 youth advocates and reached out to 500,000 students through a variety of education programme to promote child rights,” said Ms Judy Chen, Chairman of UNICEF HK on reflection of the achievements of the past three decades.

UNICEF HK has adopted the theme of ‘Children in Crises’ for the 30th anniversary, aiming to raise fund to support children who live in danger and suffering due to war and conflict, natural disasters and other crises. “While much progress has been made in our work, let us not forget that over 61 million young children remain out of school and 400 children are infected with HIV every day. The road ahead remains very challenging for children,” she added.

Ms Chen attributed the success to the friendship and trust UNICEF HK had enjoyed from donors and partners and called for continued support because “tomorrow’s development is not possible without supporting children today. Yet, together we can make a difference and bring hopes for a better future for every child,” she said.

The gala dinner features emergency supplies and UNICEF’s humanitarian relief work for children in disaster-struck regions – from health to nutrition, water and sanitation and education. All proceeds from the event will go to UNICEF for children in crises.

The event is officiated by the Chief Executive of HKSAR, The Honorable CY Leung, GMB, GBS, JP.

© UNICEF HK/2016

Guests who attended the Gala Dinner include members of UNICEF HK 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Organizing Committee: Mr Dennis Chan, Mr Kevin Ching, Mr David Fong, Miss Sabrina Ho, Mr Martin Lee, Mrs Bonnie Li, and Mr Dicky Yip; Miss Miriam Yeung, UNICEF Regional Ambassador (East Asia & Pacific); and UNICEF HK Ambassadors Miss Karen Mok, Mr Eric Suen, Mr Trey Lee and Miss Guo Jingjing. “My special thanks are due to The Mira Hong Kong, the sponsor of this particular event, and all the sponsors whose generous contributions have made it a success,” she added.

In the past 30 years, UNICEF HK has also launched emergency appeals for over 44 large-scale crises including Haiti Earthquake, South-East Asia Tsunami, Sichuan Earthquake, Philippines Typhoon Haiyan and last year’s Nepal Earthquake. UNICEF HK will continue to play a contributing role to UNICEF’s global efforts in all aspects of work, from health to nutrition, water and sanitation, education, HIV, child protection and social inclusion, all of which are fundamental needs that give children a safe and healthy environment to survive and thrive.

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