UNICEF HK survey finds Hong Kong children charitable: over 60% start charitable giving before 8 years old


UNICEF HK survey finds Hong Kong children charitable: over 60% start charitable giving before 8 years old

UNICEF HK調查顯示,大部分受訪香港兒童最想幫助受戰爭或衝突影響的兒童,其次為受貧窮、疾病及天災困擾的兒童。

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‘Art of Giving’ campaign launched to celebrate its 30th anniversary and call for Hong Kong public to support children in crises

Hong Kong, 7 September 2016 – Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) believes in the power of ‘kids helping Kids’. According to its ‘Hong Kong Children and Charitable Giving’ survey conducted among Hong Kong children aged 9 to 15 last month, over 60% of Hong Kong children are involved in charitable activities before 8 years old. As one in nine children worldwide are now living in areas affected by conflicts, UNICEF HK launches ‘Art of Giving’ campaign at its 30th anniversary to give Hong Kong children a chance to learn about global disasters and humanitarian crises, and support their peers in the greatest need.

UNICEF HK conducted online and street surveys in August to look into Hong Kong children’s participation in charitable giving. The survey has received nearly 350 responses from local children aged between 9 and 15. Results show that almost 90% of children in Hong Kong were involved in charitable activities in the past year, with most of them giving their time for volunteering, followed by making donations. Most children said they wish to help children affected by wars and conflicts, and those who are stricken by poverty, illnesses and natural disasters. A lot of children were able to name recent disasters such as earthquake, floods and wars, some could specifically name the crisis in Syria.

Ms Jane Lau, Chief Executive of UNICEF HK, said, ‘The survey results remind us that we should not underestimate the power of children. They care about the world they are living in, and are concerned about global humanitarian crises and natural disasters. On our 30th anniversary, we launched the ‘Art of Giving’ campaign to promote global citizenship and let our children know that every child has the right to survive and thrive. At the same time, we also hope more adults will encourage and work with their young ones to support children in crises.’

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3-year-old philanthropist learns to be thankful and help others through ‘Art of Giving’

‘Art of Giving’ campaign has so far received support from over 2,500 Hong Kong children with their handmade art boxes as gifts to children living in calamities and poverty. Joshua Lam, aged 3, shared his experience of joining the ‘Art of Giving’ Campaign with his mother during the summer holiday. It is his first time to be involved in fundraising activities. His mother, Mrs Lam said that she wanted to teach her son to have a thankful heart and be willing to share what he has with others. Her wish motivated her to design the gift box with Joshua. She also taught him to donate his own pocket money and set up a personal fundraising page to invite over 10 family members and friends to join his cause.

‘Art of Giving’ Public Exhibition to introduce UNICEF’s humanitarian action

Ms Jane Lau, Chief Executive of UNICEF HK, shared her experience of visiting Nepal earlier this year. The country was stricken by disastrous earthquakes in 2015 and many children’s homes and schools were reduced to rubbles. Ms Lau said with the support from UNICEF and its partners, many children were back to learning in just one month after the quakes, but in the long run, much humanitarian assistance needs to be done which all rely on funding support. “With more catastrophes happening around the world, we continue to appeal for Hong Kong public’s support in protecting and aiding children before, during and after crises. Such support allows UNICEF to reach every child in need in attaining clean water, lifesaving nutrition intervention, health care and education.”

UNICEF HK will hold the 30th Anniversary ‘Art of Giving’ Public Exhibition at the 1/F Atrium of Hysan Place from tomorrow (8 September) to 22 September. The exhibition will showcase UNICEF relief supplies, and offer a 360-degree virtual reality experience for public to learn more about UNICEF’s humanitarian effort and the lives of children in crises. Gift boxes designed by UNICEF HK ambassadors and local children will also be displayed at the exhibition. Interested parties are welcome to make donations at the venue and receive a design pack to create their own boxes of giving. They can also donate to children in crises online at unicef.org.hk/giving .

Event photos can be downloaded here.

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