UNICEF Young Envoys Club’s ‘Pushing Forward’ still act street performance. Post-90s pays silent tribute to Gansu and front line humanitarian workers on 8.19 World Humanitarian Day


UNICEF Young Envoys Club’s ‘Pushing Forward’ still act street performance. Post-90s pays silent tribute to Gansu and front line humanitarian workers on 8.19 World Humanitarian Day

Hong Kong (19 August 2010) The General Assembly designates 19 August as World Humanitarian Day, and invites all countries, United Nations entities and international and non-governmental organisations to observe the day annually, providing an opportunity to increase public support for humanitarian work worldwide. World Humanitarian Day will also honour humanitarian aid workers who have been killed or injured in the course of their work.

Over many years, humanitarian aid workers have relied on acceptance that they need to be protected by all parties to ensure they can work wherever they are needed. However, according to latest statistics, the number of humanitarian aid workers made victims has speeded up and increased 4 times in the past 10 years 278 humanitarians were made victims in 2009, compared with 1999 when the number was 65. In 2009 alone, 102 humanitarian workers were killed and 92 kidnapped. Kidnapping, attack/assassination, ambush/road attach and bombing are the four most common kinds of security incidents threatening lives of humanitarian workers every day. (Please refer to the attachment for more information about security of humanitarian aid workers.)

Post-90s Pushing Forward on 8.19: Tributes to all Humanitarian workers!

A group of Young Envoys of UNICEF Young Envoys Club will call for public support for humanitarian work through still acting on 8.19World Humanitarian Day. They will also demonstrate UNICEFs emergency assistance in Gansu after the mudslides in memories of those killed in the disaster.

Ben Lo, Chairperson of UNICEF Young Envoys Club said, When disasters strike, Hong Kong people are always there donating and raising funds for affected people. There should be no doubt about their charity and generosity. Nevertheless, our donations will not reach or help people without humanitarian workers. While many post-80s or 90s young people are stepping up to fight for different issues, we,UNICEFs post-90s, wish to speak up by acting out in silence to gain public recognition for humanitarian work around the world, to tell people of its importance, and show gratitude to the selfless act of rescuing people in all places, of all religions and nationalities.

Ms Irene Chan, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF said, UNICEF, the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organisations are working tirelessly to ensure life-saving assistance are provided to everyone who needs it, regardless of where they are in the world, their religious or social group, or nationality. Some of our UNCEF groundwork staff had lost their family in Haiti and some were injured carrying out emergency assistance. We would like to take this chance to pay our gratitude and tributes to those selflessly contributing to world peace.

Details of the ‘Pushing Forward’ still act street performance are as follows:

Date : 19 August 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 3:30 – 7:00pm
Venue : 1/F, Central Terminal Building, Star Ferry Pier No. 7
Content : Still act street performance

Display of UNICEFs emergency supplies

Note : We welcome media featuring / interview

Activity photos cam be downloaded from the link : http://www.unicef.org.hk/photorelease/WHDphotos.zip


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