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Think back to your childhood. Now imagine you had no time to play, you were forced to work or you had to become a parent to your brothers or sisters.

For too many children around the world, this is their childhood.

Millions of children are forced to work so they can earn enough money to survive. Some work as sex workers, miners or maids. Others are being exploited to fight in wars, and many more are affected by violence.

We’re working to end child exploitation and abuse by helping change laws to better protect children. We’re supporting drop in centres to help get children off the streets. We’re making sure orphaned children are cared for. We’re also working to counsel children who’ve been caught up in emergencies and make sure they have safe places to play and recover.

You can help protect the world’s most vulnerable children. Give a monthly donation today not only protect childhoods, but save children’s lives and give them the chance to go to school.