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To be successfully appointed as a Young Envoy upon completion of programme, participant is required to go through a 10-month training and participatory journey. The training includes 7 modules, include Leadership Training Camp, Understanding UNICEF Workshop, School Project, Social Service Project, Community Project, Field Visit* and Appointment Ceremony.

* Only participants with outstanding performance can attend the field visit, and be appointed as UNICEF Young Envoy in Appointment Ceremony.

The two days and one night leadership training camp sharpens leadership and communication skills of potential Young Envoys through adventurous and team-building experiences.

Leadership Training Camp

Potential Young Envoys explore and discuss child rights related issues, and gain insights from UNICEF’s global work on  humanitarian, children protection and development.

Understanding UNICEF Workshop

Potential Young Envoys advocate for child rights and promote UNICEF's work in schools.

School Project

Potential Young Envoys collaborate with local NGOs to learn about needs of local children, and organize activities to educate local children about child rights. 

Social Service Project

Organize community project to raise public awareness towards child rights and needs of children in the local community. 

Community Project

UNICEF Young Envoys with outstanding performance join field visit to learn about UNICEF work in the field.


Field Visit

After the 10-month training and practice, Young Envoys with outstanding performance are officially appointed at Appointment Ceremony as recognition. It also represents by Young Envoys' promise to children - joining hands with UNICEF to help create a better world for every child.

Appointment Ceremony

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