(只有英文)聯合國兒童基金會需籌港幣257億元 以為480萬名災難中的兒童提供緊急援助

© UNICEF/UN041141/Vittozzi (只提供英文版本) Malnutrition poses “silent threat” to children, agency’s 2017 appeal says   “Malnutrition is a silent threat to millions of children,” said Fontaine. “The damage it does can be irreversible, robbing children of their mental and physical potential. In its worst form, severe malnutrition can be de[...]
© Cathay Pacific Airways-Karen Yung

「零錢布施」聚沙成塔 改善幼兒教育

© Cathay Pacific Airways – Karen Yung 大家購物時或是旅遊時剩餘的外幣會放在哪裏呢?水滴石穿,積沙成塔,有沒有想過大家的一元半角可以改變兒童的將來,為他們帶來希望呢?如果大家外遊時乘坐國泰的航班,有沒有留意航班上的「零錢布施」信封呢?這就是聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)與國泰航空舉辦的「零錢布施」機上籌款計劃,將大家的零錢化成善款,幫助全球超過150個發展中國家的兒童,包括支援偏遠貧困農村地區,改善兒童教育。一班參加義工考察團的國泰航空員工連同UNICEF HK的職員,早前就到重慶忠縣實地考察,探訪當地受聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)支援的幼兒園及家庭。 中國偏遠地區到外省打工的情況普遍,其中不少家庭父[...]

UNICEF HK 宣佈計劃於3月19日舉辦聯合國兒童基金會慈善跑重賽

聯合國兒童基金香港委員會宣佈去年11月因惡劣天氣而取消的聯合國兒童基金會慈善跑,現計劃於3月19日假香港迪士尼樂園度假區及欣澳舉辦重賽。目前籌備工作已進入最後階段。 所有已報名參與2016年賽事的跑手,只需攜備已派發、附有計時晶片的號碼布即可參與重賽,毋須再額外登記。大會稍後將通過電郵及手機短訊向跑手作出公佈。詳情亦可瀏覽活動網站,查詢請致電(+852)2833 6139或電郵 [email protected] 。 香港迪士尼樂園度假區特別為2016賽事的跑手提供專屬優惠,以正價7折優惠,於2017年3月18至20日入住香港迪士尼樂園酒店或迪士尼好萊塢酒店客房。跑手可致電香港迪士尼樂園訂房中心熱線(+852)1-830-830預訂優惠。訂房時須指明為「聯合國兒童基金[...]
On 18 January 2017, in the Tabanovce refugee and migrant centre, a Syrian girl, carrying a plastic cup filled with snow, contemplates whether to join outdoor activities considering the freezing weather. 

The Tabanovce refugee and migrant centre is currently home to some 100 refugees and migrants - a third of them children. Most have been living in the centre since the closure of borders along the Balkan route in March 2016.  UNICEF has provided ongoing support to preserve some semblance of normalcy for children trapped in an abnormal situation - supporting safe spaces for children to play and learn and psychosocial, health and nutrition support. The maths classes are part of the UNICEF supported transitional learning opportunities for school-aged children to help them integrate back into formal education in their final destinations, or into the local school system, should their families decide to apply for asylum in the country.

In January 2017, in Greece and the Balkans, migrants and refugees from different parts of the world – including many infants and young children – remain stranded. Many are being housed in shelters that are ill-equipped for winter, even as temperatures fall as low as -20 Celsius. With no sign of a let-up in the extreme cold weather and storms sweeping Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, refugee and migrant children risk falling sick from respiratory and other serious illnesses. Overcrowding and poor insulation make the shelters particularly unhealthy, and allow respiratory diseases to spread quickly when cold weather hits. According to the WHO, the seasonal influenza season started earlier this year in Europe. 

In a number of affected countries, including Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, UNICEF and its partners are monitoring the situation of children and women and responding as needed. UNICEF is also distributing winter clothing and other essential items for women and children, using mobile

(只有英文)歐洲持續嚴寒天氣 年幼難民及移民兒童面對健康危機

© UNICEF/UN049071/Georgiev (只提供英文版本) Backlogs and brutal weather compound hardships facing stranded children NEW YORK/ HONG KONG, 20 January 2017 – With no sign of a let-up in the extreme cold weather and storms sweeping Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, refugee and migrant children are threatened by respiratory and other serious il[...]

UNICEF HK嘉許合作伙伴 並計劃於3月19日舉辦慈善跑重賽

© UNICEF HK/2017 香港,2017年1月20日──聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)今日假禮賓府舉行30周年閉幕酒會,嘉許一眾攜手改變社會的伙伴及義工,表揚他們多年來推動及改善兒童福祉方面的貢獻。 UNICEF HK主席陳晴在典禮上感謝義工及支持者對聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)的信賴。他們獻出時間及專業知識,令UNICEF HK得以成為倡議兒童權利的先鋒,並作出有效動員,籌募善款改善全球兒童的生活及福祉。過去30年來,UNICEF HK一共籌得逾港幣25億元善款。 同時,她感謝3,000名兒童及青年作為兒童權利倡議者,每年向逾10萬名學生宣揚兒童權利,合力改進社會。 在香港特別行政區行政長官梁振英先生的陪同下,陳女士向下列伙伴及義工頒發嘉[...]
On 16 January 2017, boys racing their tricycles in Nizip 1 refugee camp, Gaziantep, southern Turkey. Nizip 1 camp is home to over 10,000 Syrian refugees, including more than 5,000 children. Since the beginning of the Syria conflict, nearly 5 million people have become refugees, including 2.2 million children. With 1.2 million Syrian refugee children, Turkey has the highest number of child refugees in the world.

In January 2017, over 40 per cent of Syrian refugee children in Turkey missing out on education, despite massive increase in enrolment rates. Nearly half a million Syrian refugee children are currently enrolled in schools across Turkey. But despite a more than 50 per cent increase in enrolment since last June, over 40 per cent of children of school-going age – or 380,000 child refugees – are still missing out on an education.  Turkey is home to more than 1.2 million child refugees, making it the top child refugee hosting country in the world.  In partnership with the Government of Turkey, UNICEF is helping strengthen education systems, increase access to learning and improve the quality of inclusive education for Syrian and vulnerable Turkish children. 

“For the first time since the start of the Syrian crisis, there are more Syrian children in Turkey attending class than there are out of school,” said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth, speaking after a visit to UNICEF programmes in southern Turkey.  “Turkey should be commended for this huge achievement. But unless more resources are provided, there is still a very real risk of a ‘lost generation’ of Syrian children, deprived of the skills they will one day need to rebuild their country.”

Since 2013, UNICEF has helped build, renovate or refurnish nearly 400 schools, and trained some 20,000 Syrian volunteer teachers. Approximately 13,000 teachers receive monthly incentives.  Efforts are also under way to include Syrian children in a national programme that grants cash allowanc

(只有英文)土耳其仍有超過4成敘利亞難民兒童失學 儘管入學率已大大提高

© UNICEF/UN048837/Ergen On 16 January 2017, boys racing their tricycles in Nizip 1 refugee camp, Gaziantep, southern Turkey. Nizip 1 camp is home to over 10,000 Syrian refugees, including more than 5,000 children. (只提供英文版本) Turkey hosts highest number of child refugees in the world. Education is their only lifeline. NEW YORK/ GAZIANTEP,[...]
On 9 November 2016, displaced children and adults are seen in a vehicle after fleeing from ISIL- controlled areas in rural Raqqa to Ain Issa, the main staging point for displaced families, some 50 Km north of Raqqa city. Some carried mattresses and blankets, while others brought their livestock, including goats, cows and sheep.

As at 15 November 2016 in the Syrian Arab Republic, almost 7,000 people fled their homes in villages around rural Raqqa to Ain Issa, the main staging point for displaced families, some 50 kilometres north of Raqqa city, as reported military operations on ISIL controlled Raqqa city scale up. Children in Raqqa have suffered immensely over the past three years and access to the area has been highly constrained due to insecurity and restrictions on the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The last UN inter-agency aid convoy to Raqqa was in October 2013. UNICEF and partners estimate that around 175,000 children could be affected by the violence.  While the situation in the Raqqa area continues to evolve, UNICEF is pre-positioning supplies in various locations to provide critical support for displaced children and their families, including preparing a package of items to provide winter clothing and thermal blankets, as well as critical hygiene and medical kits. Micronutrients, therapeutic food and vaccinations to improve the nutritional and health status of these children will also be available. While water trucking, network repairs and chlorination will provide safe water and reduce the likelihood of waterborne diseases. Materials to support psychosocial activities, as well as recreational and educational kits will also be provided to help children restart their learning and resume some normality in life.


© UNICEF/UN039551/Soulaiman 2016年是充滿挑戰且局勢動蕩的一年。持續的難民及移民危機迫使全球各地近5,000萬名兒童逃離家園,使他們面臨暴力和剝削的威脅。戰亂衝突和自然災害持續給兒童帶來各種負面影響,約有四分之一兒童生活在受災難影響的地區。在海地,颶風「馬修」造成的破壞使270萬人急需緊急援助。中非共和國的衝突則導致一半兒童發育遲緩。 2016年是全球致力實現可持續發展目標的第一個年頭,同時也是努力消除貧困、促進實現所有兒童公平權益的新開端。在千年發展目標的推動下,聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)的工作已經取得巨大進展,但未來仍然有很長的路要走。現時,所有5歲以下兒童的死亡個案中,將近一半死於營養不良。在食水和環境衞生方面,貧富差距和城鄉[...]

#營養、遊戲、關愛 為兒童帶來人生最好的開端

© UNICEF 對於嬰幼兒來說,遊戲不只是簡單的玩耍,更是學習新技能和刺激大腦發展途徑。 孩子出生後的首1,000天能夠決定他們的未來。為了讓兒童擁有最好的人生起點,除了提供充足營養和悉心照顧外,遊戲同樣扮演着重要角色。 玩遊戲時,嬰幼兒能夠發揮豐富想像力和提升創造力。他們能夠透過遊戲變身成超級英雄……   ……還能將碗和勺子等日常物品瞬間變成其他東西。   即使是最簡單的遊戲,也同樣存在無窮奧祕。玩遊戲時,兒童能夠學習各種應對生活挑戰的技能,例如學習如何解決生活中所面臨的問題……   ……以及了解與其他人分享的重要性,亦能學習到幫助他們探索複雜的現實世界的其他社交技能。   兒童在玩耍時,大腦也在高速運轉,並形成新的神經元連[...]
This photo shows Amal who is looking at her destroyed home in Sana’a after it was hit by an airstrike in April 2015.

(只有英文)聯合國兒童基金會駐也門代表Meritxell Relaño就一所學校附近受襲擊發表聲明

© UNICEF/UN018341/Jahaf (只提供英文版本) SANA’A, Yemen/HONG KONG, 11 January 2017 –“One child was confirmed killed and four others were injured when two attacks hit near the al-Falah school in the Nihm district outside the capital, Sana’a. “Attacks on civilian areas continue to kill and injure scores of children in Yemen. Instead of learning, [...]