UNICEF Charity Run 2018_2

逾13,000名跑手為兒童跑 UNICEF HK慈善跑共籌得1,200萬善款

©UNICEF HK/2018 香港,2018年11月25日 – 由聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)舉辦的第13屆聯合國兒童基金會慈善跑圓滿結束,各項目共吸引逾13,000名跑手參與,預計籌得1,200萬善款支持全球抗愛滋運動,保護嬰幼兒免經母體感染愛滋病病毒、擴大治療覆蓋率、並為受愛滋病病毒或愛滋病困擾的母親及兒童提供治療、輔導及支援的工作。 慈善跑假香港迪士尼樂園度假區舉行,活動獲各界KOLs、善心跑手、家庭、商界領袖、企業團隊、UNICEF HK大使黃金寶先生到場支持。 香港特別行政區行政長官林鄭月娥女士、UNICEF HK榮譽顧問唐英年先生及UNICEF HK主席陳晴女士一同擔任慈善跑頒獎典禮的主禮嘉賓。林鄭月娥女士表揚UNICEF HK多年來舉[...]
On 13 March 2018 in southern Afghanistan, a boy has been vaccinated by Afia's team. Afia [NAME CHANGED], 19 (not pictured), is one of 70,000 committed polio workers in Afghanistan. She works with one of the largest female workforces in Afghanistan: a national team, supported by both UNICEF and the World Health Organization, fighting polio. Afia's job is to educate families about polio and to encourage vaccination. Female polio workers are critical because only women are allowed to access a family's home to check that every infant child has been vaccinated. Afia says that if she wasn't eradicating polio, her parents would force her to give up her education and get married. "I am not just saving children's lives - I am saving mine," she says. While most women are confined to their homes, Afia travels fearlessly throughout her community because she believes that no child should be paralyzed by polio.

In 2018, southern Afghanistan has the highest number of polio cases in the world. Afghanistan is just one of three countries - including Nigeria and Pakistan - that still carries the polio virus. Inaccessible areas and distrust hamper eradication efforts.  In March 2018, polio workers vaccinated 9.9 million children across Afghanistan. During the polio vaccination campaign, over 8.9 million children were also given Vitamin A to help maintain a strong immune system and reduce incidences of diarrhoea and measles. Vitamin A supplements can improve a child's chance of survival by 12 to 24 per cent in Afghanistan.

米妮.博比.布朗(Millie Bobby Brown)成為UNICEF歷來最年輕的親善大使

© UNICEF/UN0202777/Hibbert 在世界兒童日,全球兒童攜手爭取權利,並接管娛樂及政商界的主要職務。怪奇物語(Stranger Thing)演員亦在今日獲任命為親善大使。 紐約/香港,2018年11月20日—入圍艾美獎的演員米妮.博比.布朗(Millie Bobby Brown)成為聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)最新親善大使。在世界兒童日,這位14歲的女孩於紐約聯合國總部及帝國大厦獲得任命,為UNICEF歷來最年輕的親善大使。 布朗表示:「成為UNICEF親善大使讓我夢想成真。能夠參與成為支持UNICEF的一員,對我來說是無比的榮耀。我期望盡我所能,跟更多兒童和年輕人會面,聆聽他們的故事及為他們發聲。」 作為UNICEF親善大使,Millie會利[...]