On 10 December 2018 in the Syrian Arab Republic, children in Douma, East Ghouta. The siege on East Ghouta, including Douma city, was lifted in April 2018 after almost seven years of besiegement and conflict.  Douma is home to the largest population in East Ghouta with more than 250,000 people living amidst large scale urban destruction, wide contamination with explosive remnants of war and limited access to essential services.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore is visiting the Syrian Arab Republic from 8-13 December 2018. In Douma, East Ghouta, just a few months after a seven-year siege was lifted, displaced families are beginning to return and the town’s population is now estimated at 200,000. Many families have moved back into damaged buildings, and the threat of unexploded ordnance is pervasive. Since East Ghouta became more accessible UNICEF, through its partners, is providing a more comprehensive package of services including education, water and sanitation, health and nutrition and child protection.  Since May 2018, 23 children have been killed or injured in all of East Ghouta as a result of explosive remnants of war. There are 20 schools in Douma, all of them need varying degrees of rehabilitation. Such is the level of destruction in the town that a non-governmental partner organization set up an informal clinic, with UNICEF support, in the hall of a damaged mosque. The clinic, one of only six health facilities in the town, and offers vaccination and nutrition services as well as treatment for common childhood diseases.  In Hama, which saw violent fighting between rebels, government forces and extremists before falling back under government control, the UNICEF Executive Director visited a center where young boys and girls learn how to stand up against gender-based violence. On the last day of the trip, Fore visited Deraa, the birthplace of the Syrian uprising, and home to nearly 1 million people. Deraa has seen very high levels of displacement,

UNICEF向全球募捐39億美元 為4100萬名戰地和災區兒童提供緊急救援 數以百萬計兒童仍身處危難之中

© UNICEF/UN0264239/Sanadiki 2019年1月29日── 聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)於今天警告:「全球有數百萬名兒童生活在爆發衝突或受災的國家,由於無法得到妥善的保護,他們的安全、健康和未來面臨嚴重威脅。」有見及此,UNICEF呼籲全球募捐39億美元,支持各地實施兒童人道救援工作。 今日發佈的《針對兒童的人道主義行動報告總覽2019》提及,UNICEF本年訂下目標,為全球59個國家的4100萬兒童提供潔淨食水、營養、教育、醫療服務和保護,而保護兒童的項目需撥款3.85億美元,其中近1.21億美元將支援敘利亞衝突當中受影響的兒童。 UNICEF 估計,全球有超過 3400 萬名生活在衝突地帶或災區的兒童得不到妥善保護,其中660萬名兒童來自[...]
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UNICEF HK「小畫家大夢想繪畫比賽」誠邀小朋友參賽 畫筆助人 守護中國貧困地區母嬰健康

© UNICEF HK/2019 2019年1月23日──聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)將於下月23日(星期六)假中西區海濱長廊─中環段舉辦「小畫家大夢想繪畫比賽」(下稱「比賽」)。籌款活動踏入第12屆,讓小朋友發揮創作才能,籌得善款將繼續支援聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)「中國貧困兒童資助項目」。 比賽歡迎12歲或以下兒童參加,以「『童』創大世界」為主題,在草地上自由創作,畫出對美好世界的願景,同時發揮「兒童幫助兒童」的精神,為中國山區貧困家庭籌款。 現時縱使內地農村貧困戶可免費享用住院分娩及部分醫療保健服務,不少貧困家庭擔憂影響生計及難以承擔交通費而不使用母嬰健康服務,往往釀成孕產婦死亡及新生兒夭折的悲劇。自2013年開始,UNICEF HK透過[...]

UNICEF HK 主辦「細路愛玩營」2019 推出「幻想遊樂場」戶外版及「海上飄流教室」首航 供親子自由探索

                                                                                                   © UNICEF HK/2019 香港,2019年1月11日——聯合國兒童基金香港委員會(UNICEF HK)舉辦的「細路愛玩營」2019(下稱「活動」)今日開幕。承接去年活動的成功,本年首輪活動於即日起至 1 […]