A small girl stands inside the doorway of her home in Moravia, a poor neighbourhood in Medellín, capital of Antioquia Department.

In September 2009 in Colombia, the nations 44 million inhabitants continue to suffer from one of the highest income gaps between rich and poor in Latin America, more than 40 years of conflict, endemic social violence and rampant drug trafficking that affects all social strata and sustains the conflict. More than half a million Colombians have fled the country and another 3 million are internally displaced; 57 per cent of the displaced are children. Since 2005 Colombia has also had the highest number of casualties from landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). In 2008, flooding in different parts of the country affected 1.2 million people and killed 76. Among other negative affects on children, education is frequently disrupted or does not adequately address their special needs and 12 per cent of children aged 5-17 years do not attend school. To respond, UNICEF, supported by more than US $1 million from the Government of the Netherlands, is working with the Ministry of Education, other UN agencies, civil society and private sector partners to implement an integrated Education in Emergencies strategy. The programme supports community and local government initiatives and institutions in emergency-affected departments. Initiatives identify vulnerable out-of-school children and help them return; support quality primary and secondary education that promotes gender equality, diversity, a culture of peace and respect for human rights; improve social and study skills and self-esteem among students, refer victims of abuse and sexual violence for psychosocial assistance; and encourage the participation of parents and other community members.


哥倫比亞位於南美洲西北部,武裝衝突、毒品販賣、地雷意外、勒索等問題令當地兒童及婦女於過去40年來,生命飽受嚴重威脅,數以萬計的人民更被迫放棄家園,過著流離失所的生活。 近來的暴雨及接連的洪災令原本已慘遭武裝衝突威脅的哥倫比亞西南地區雪上加霜,74,000人因而受到影響,當中29,600名是兒童。 地雷及未引爆的大炮隨洪水流到未劃為危險區域的地方,據報災區現有2萬個地雷,為災民帶來重大的威脅。當地42所學校內有地雷及未引爆的大炮,導致學生未能回校上課。 此外,由於水源受到污染,惡劣的衛生環境極可能致使疾病爆發。當地急切需要清潔食水及向災民宣傳正確的衛生常識。 UNICEF現呼籲善款港幣1,910萬為災民提供援助,包括於未來6個月在受災地區進行保護、教育、食水與衛生、健康[...]