On 2 July 2015 heavy rains did not stop the team from working to construct UNICEF tents as part of the Ebola response in Liberia in Unification Town, Margibi County, Liberia.

In Margibi County, where the body of a child tested positive for the virus on 29 June, UNICEF social mobilization teams are on the ground conducting door-to-door awareness campaigns on Ebola prevention, to minimize the risk of further infections and to protect and assist those affected. Responding to Liberia’s first confirmed cases of Ebola in more than three months, UNICEF has begun distributing emergency supplies in the affected communities including tents for isolating those under quarantine, hygiene kits and chlorine and buckets for handwashing stations.

(只有英文)伊波拉疫情結束 兒童仍極待關懷與支持

(只提供英文版本)CONAKRY/MONROVIA/FREETOWN/DAKAR/HONG KONG, 14 January 2016 – Nearly 23,000 children who lost one or both parents or their primary caregivers to Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone will continue to need care and support, UNICEF said as it welcomed the declaration that there are no more cases of the disease in West Africa. [...]
A child receives a measles vaccination at the Madina Health Centre in Guéckédou, Guinea, 23 April 2015.

For the first time since the start of the Ebola outbreak, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are conducting major nationwide immunization campaigns to protect millions of children against preventable but potentially deadly diseases. As World Immunization Week is marked from April 24 to 30, the three countries most affected by Ebola aim to vaccinate more than three million children against diseases such as measles and polio in UNICEF-supported campaigns that involve the provision of vaccines and the training and deployment of thousands of immunization teams. As the immunization campaigns are taking place while the threat of Ebola remains, vaccinators are following strict protocols including the use of protective wear, such as gloves and aprons, as well as regular handwashing. More than 26,000 cases of Ebola and 10,000 deaths have been reported across the three countries where the outbreak has weakened already fragile health systems while disrupting routine health interventions.


(只提供英文版本) CONAKRY/ HONG KONG, December 29, 2015 – Almost two years to the day when a toddler became the first victim of Ebola in West Africa, UNICEF welcomed the declaration that the outbreak has ended in Guinea, but cautioned that the thousands of children orphaned by the disease, as well as those who survived infection, will need cont[...]
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關愛和保護 不限於伊波拉病毒肆虐時期

© UNICEF Sierra Leone – The UNICEF-supported Kania Community Care Centre, in Kambia District, Sierra Leone. At the height of the Ebola crisis, 46 UNICEF-supported CCCs provided services throughout the country; 17 remain in operation. (只提供英文版本)   By Indrias G Kassaye   By bringing isolation facilities to the village level[...]


概況 -伊波拉病毒繼續在非洲肆虐。根據世界衞生組織數字,截至2014年10月14日為止,全球的確診、可能及懷疑個案已升至9,216宗,造成4,555人死亡。其中塞拉里昂、幾內亞和利比里亞的情況最為嚴重。 -在西非,約有9,000名人士感染伊波拉病毒。同時,3,700名兒童因為伊波拉病毒而失去一名父母或淪為孤兒。當中,有親人縱使未有染病,但亦因為害怕感染病毒而拒絕接收這些孤兒。隨著伊波拉疫情惡化,估計至10月中,這些數字可上升1倍。 -恐懼、誤解及謠言都令人道救援行動變得複雜,令疫情更為肆虐。 UNICEF的行動 1. 社區動員 -在幾內亞,透過上門和公眾活動,我們成功接觸了85,415戶家庭(涉及575,734名人士,當中包括211,924名兒童),提升他們的防疫意識[...]


(只提供英文版本) Situation Overview -The current Ebola outbreak is the deadliest ever. It is spreading fast with over 40 per cent of the total number of cases seen within the past few weeks. As of 3 September, the countries affected by the current outbreak of Ebola, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone, have reported about [R[...]
A boy washes his hands while other children queue behind him at the Slipway primary school in central Monrovia, the capital.

On 18 March 2015 in Liberia, UNICEF has worked closely with the Government and local communities to develop safety protocols aimed at minimizing the risk of Ebola virus disease (EVD) infection as children have returned to learning. Schools across the country reopened on 16 February, following a six-month closure because of the crisis. Teachers have been trained to implement and monitor safety measures, including taking children’s temperatures when they arrive to school and making them wash their hands before entering the classroom. Soap and other hygiene materials have been distributed, and mass mobilization campaigns on EVD prevention have been conducted nationwide.

利比里亞伊波拉疫情結束 聯合國兒童基金會強調要為兒童提供更好的服務

蒙羅維亞/香港,2015年9月3日—利比里亞宣布,該國再次實現零伊波拉病毒傳播,聯合國兒童基金會對此表示歡迎,並希望利比里亞在疫情過後,重點關注重建工作,因為伊波拉疫情已對數以千計兒童的生活和他們身處的社區造成嚴重破壞。 © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0552/Irwin 在利比里亞首都蒙羅維亞滑台上的一所小學裏,一名男孩正在洗手。洗手是預防伊波拉病毒傳播的有效方法之一。 聯合國兒童基金會駐利比里亞代表謝爾頓‧耶特說:「對兒童和他們的家人來說,過去17個月是一段十分可怕的時期。即使在疫情爆發前,利比里亞的兒童就已經很難獲得優質的醫療服務、教育和社會福利。太多兒童無法上學,亦無從獲得優質的保健、衞生和社會福利。前路仍十分漫長而崎嶇。」 根據政府數據,利比里亞有超過[...]
On 17 June 2014 in Iraq, (foreground) UNICEF Senior Supply/Logistics Assistant Kasim Muhamad supervises the loading of UNICEF emergency supplies onto an aeroplane at the airport in the northern-eastern city of Erbil in Kurdistan Region. The supplies, which include tents, blankets, hygiene and recreation kits, and education materials, are part of a shipment of 33 metric tons of emergency relief items earmarked for children and families displaced by violence and fighting that first erupted in the city of Mosul on 5 June. Up to 1 million people are currently estimated displaced, including about 500,000 Mosul residents – up to half of whom are children. UNICEF and partners are working to meet the rapidly rising needs of those affected by the worsening crisis. Immediate priorities include safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, as well as critical emergency immunization to prevent the spread of diseases such as polio, which has re-emerged in Iraq this year, and measles.

UNICEF airlifts 68 tonnes of supplies to Liberia, ramping up Ebola response

MONROVIA/ HONG KONG, 23 August 2014 – A cargo plane carrying 68 metric tonnes of health and hygiene supplies from UNICEF landed in Monrovia early Saturday morning, bringing urgently needed supplies to combat the worst Ebola outbreak in global history. Today’s shipment, from UNICEF’s global supply hub in Copenhagen, contained basic emerg[...]


概況 -伊波拉病毒持續爆發,擴散規模史無前例。由2014年3月至今,已有1,603宗證實感染及懷疑感染的個案,病毒在幾內亞、利比里亞、塞拉利昂及尼日利亞已奪去887人的性命。 -以受影響地區及有潛在擴散危機的地區面積計算,是次危機是歷來規模最大的一次。 -伊波拉病毒肆虐的地區,人口流動密集,出入境管制寬鬆。故此,今次爆發的病例與以往的不同,有可能通過航空交通傳播。不論是在偏遠的農村地區,人口稠密的首都城市亦同告錄得感染個案。 UNICEF的行動 © UNICEF/NYHQ2014-1027/Jallanzo 幾內亞 UNICEF繼續為醫院、醫療工作者及其家人提供保護裝備及醫療物資,包括消毒及衞生用品,保護他們的安全。另外,750名伊斯蘭教宗教 領袖伊瑪目,亦獲派發交流[...]

幾內亞電台節目 助兒童趕上學習進度

By Lianne Gutcher (只提供英文版本) Kept out of school by the Ebola epidemic, children in Guinea are making up for lost time through a series of lessons broadcast on radio. FORÉCARIAH, Guinea / HONG KONG, 10 July 2015 – One of the hidden impacts of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea is that children have missed out […]